‘Golden Bachelor’ Did Gerry Turner Drop Clue Who His Winner Is?

Gerry Turner via YouTube 19

Did Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner drop a big clue about who his winner is? So far Reality Steve has not been able to identify the winner of Gerry’s season. However, did he just drop a big hint about who it could be all on his own? Keep reading to find out and see the photo that has fans talking and guessing.

Did Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner drop a clue about who his winner is?

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner could have just dropped a clue about the winner for his season. He went to Instagram to share a photo that had everyone talking.

One of the big moments on night one was Gerry celebrating one of the ladies’ birthdays. That woman was Theresa Nist. She celebrated her 70th birthday on night one of the show. When Gerry and Theresa had one-on-one time he brought her a cupcake. She didn’t have to think long about what she wanted to wish for before blowing out the candle. She noted she already knew what she wanted.

After blowing out the candle, they shared the cupcake. She even helped him get some off of his mouth with a passionate kiss.

Gerry Turner/Credit Bachelor Nation YouTube
Gerry Turner/Credit Bachelor Nation YouTube

Theresa shared a photo of herself and Gerry kissing and said, “I usually try to stay away from sugar but this time I just couldn’t help myself”

They both really enjoyed themselves and it was obvious to all there is a connection between them. So what have fans been saying?

Gerry went to Instagram to share a photo of himself at the gym playing pickleball with his friends. In the photo, Gerry’s friend is holding part of a cupcake while there is some frosting on his face near his mouth. Gerry is leaning towards his friend and acting like he may be going in to get the frosting off of his friend’s mouth just as Theresa did for him.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner via Insta

The caption for the post says, “Suddenly, cupcakes are a thing with pickleballers!”

Is this a hint that Gerry chooses Theresa as his final rose winner?


Fans and his daughter react

One of Gerry’s daughters wrote, “Omg Dad!!!!! 😂” Others commented that eating cupcakes in itself is a sport. Still, others noted that they loved that scene between him and Theresa. One fan asked if it was Theresa who he picked in the end.

Fans are loving Gerry and his season. The Golden Bachelor has revived a love for the show that was slowly starting to fade away with drama with insincerity. Now, everyone can’t get enough of this genuine, heartfelt spinoff.

Don’t miss Gerry continuing his journey on The Golden Bachelor, Thursday nights on ABC.

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