Was ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner A Ladies’ Man Before Show?

GerryTurner finding out he's Golden Bachelor

Was Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner a ladies’ man before the show? Get the scoop on his dating life after his wife’s tragic death.

Gerry Turner Reacts To Hannah Brown’s Season 15 Confrontation

Hannah Brown is arguably one of the most popular alums from Bachelor Nation. Her feisty, rebellious attitude won over fans and the men of Bachelorette Season 15. However, one man – Luke P. – couldn’t take the idea of her being intimate with any of the other contestants.

He basically gave her an ultimatum, saying, “If you told me you were having sex, or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I’d be wanting to go home, 100 percent.

She subsequently revealed to the cameras that she did have sex – twice! – in the windmill with Peter. After she sent Luke packing, he returned to try to win her back.

However, she wasn’t having it and wasn’t afraid to show her disdain.

The official Golden Bachelor Twitter shared a clip of Gerry Turner watching Hannah Brown’s tense confrontation with Luke when he tried to return.

“Here’s our king reacting to the crowning jewel of season 15,” they captioned the reaction video.

The first-ever Golden Bachelor cheers when Hannah Brown physically moves the podium to get away from her ex.

The Golden Bachelor Explores Love In The Golden Years

Hannah Brown made a surprise appearance on Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise in the Oct. 5 episode. However, she wasn’t there looking for love. She recently got engaged to model Adam Woolard.

She was there to put the contestants on the spot about how strong their romantic connections are. Not very, fans quickly found out.

In addition to a new season of BIP, Bachelor Nation fans are witnessing the first-ever senior version of the popular dating show. Gerry Turner is hoping to find a second chance at love after his wife’s tragic death in 2017.

Was Gerry Turner A Ladies’ Man Before The Show?

The ABC show has portrayed Gerry Turner as a widower who is finally ready to find love again, but his friends say that’s not the full story.

According to his friend Heather Lanning, Turner dated “multiple women” in the years since his wife’s passing. Lanning works at The Shady Nook, a restaurant he frequents back home in Indiana.

She told the U.S. Sun that Gerry Turner’s relationships “weren’t long-term, but they weren’t short-term either.”

Without going into specifics, she told the outlet that the relationships “just didn’t work out.”

However, she clarified that the Golden Bachelor wasn’t on dating apps and met the women through mutual friends or at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, on The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner has been making connections with several women, including early frontrunners Theresa and Leslie.

Do you think that Gerry Turner was maybe a ladies’ man before joining the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Golden Bachelor is just getting started. Tune in to ABC Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern to see if there’s a love connection.

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