‘Bachelor’ Star Raven Gates Reflects On Post-Baby Body Issues

Raven Gates and family/Credit: Raven Gates Instagram

Since becoming a mom, Bachelor alum Raven Gates has been open about her experiences, both the joys and the struggles. She recently reflected on the post-baby body issues she went through. Keep reading to find out more.

Raven Gates Offers Heartfelt Support To New Moms

Former Bachelor contestant Raven Gates is speaking out and offering words of encouragement to new mothers everywhere. As a new mom herself, Raven understands the challenges and emotions that come with this significant life change.

Raven welcomed her first child, Gates, with her husband Adam Gottschalk in January 2022. They added the to the pitter-patter of little feet in 2023 with the arrival of their second son, Max.

Raven Gates and family/Credit: Raven Gates Instagram
Raven Gates and family/Credit: Raven Gates Instagram

She frequently shares relatable content and messages of solidarity on her social media accounts. Raven wants all moms to know that it’s okay to not have all the answers. She took to her Instagram Story to detail an encounter with a new mother in a store.

“Ever since becoming a mom, I just have such love for new moms. I guess because I’m a newer mom, too, I know how hard and beautiful it is,” she explained.

Raven wrote that noticed the new mom was doing her best and probably felt “overwhelmed.’ According to bachenornation.com, the reality star sent a message through the store clerk, “Tell her she’s doing a good job and it will get better.

She said that she couldn’t relay the message herself because she was getting emotional and had to walk away. “I was thinking about how she just had a baby and she’s getting in here buying some athletic/easy to put on outfits and her baby’s crying. She probably feels so overwhelmed because I know how that stage is.”

Bachelor Star Reflects On Post-Baby Body Issues

Seeing the new mother struggling reminded Raven Gates of her own pregnancies. “Maybe the mom was doing perfectly fine, but in my mind it brought me back,” she wrote.

“Her body probably changed and she’s in the dressing room trying to figure out her new body and also her baby is needing her,” Raven reflected.

She added, “She’s figuring it all out and I just hope she didn’t feel embarrassed or feel uncomfortable because she was doing such a good job. I was so teary-eyed.”

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk via YouTube
Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk via YouTube

The Bachelor star shared a message for all new moms ahead of Mother’s Day: “If you haven’t heard lately that you’re doing a great job, you’re doing an amazing job. This Mother’s Day, I hope you are so loved and spoiled. If you’re not and you’re alone, my mind is blown — hats off to you. You are so strong. I just love you guys. My heart explodes for you guys.”

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