Hannah Brown Feels Lucky In Love With Adam Woolard

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Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is opening up more about her relationship with Adam Woolard. On a recent episode of her new podcast, Better Tomorrow, she is gushing about how great things are with Adam. Plus, she shares how they met and is really lucky to be in love with him. Keep reading to find out more about what she had to say.

Hannah Brown feels lucky to have Adam Woolard

The Dancing With the Stars Mirrorball Trophy winner Hannah Brown recently started her own podcast. On a recent episode, she shared a deeper look into her relationship with Adam Woolard. She could talk about Adam for an entire episode, but she didn’t. Instead, she just opened up a bit more about how they met.

It turns out Hannah met Adam on a dating app. She had a lot of success on the app which isn’t always the case. Hannah said, “I think we should definitely go into, like, a full episode about just our relationship, in general, but we met on a dating app.” She went on to say, “And it’s so crazy. I had great luck on a dating app. I was only on it for, like, maybe a little over a week and met Adam. … It was, like, maybe two weeks.”

Adam wasn’t the first one she met. Hannah shared she did go on multiple dates and sometimes back to back before finding Adam in less than two weeks on the app. She feels lucky to have met him on the app.

Hannah Brown and Adam woolard via insta 2

She said, “We are madly in love and we just have a good time together.”

Hannah gushed about how supportive Adam is about everything she does. He was there for her through the entire process of starting her new podcast. So, he was excited when she asked him to be on the show.


He’s a blessing to her

Hannah also shared that Adam is a huge blessing to her and checks off boxes she never even knew she wanted. They have been dating since 2021 and have since moved from California to Nashville. They even got a dog together whom they both love and spoil.

As for her time as The Bachelorette, Hannah has come to realize she wasn’t really grounded enough for the role. Plus she also now questions whether Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron actually loved her. When they had the chance to be with her post-show it didn’t work out with either of them. She has come to know that nobody on the show is who she is supposed to be with.

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Everyone has moved on and Hannah is happy with how her life is going. Will an engagement be coming soon from Adam? Fans can only hope.

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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