Will Rejected ‘Golden Bachelor’ Women Seek Love Again?

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After getting sent home by Gerry Turner, will Jeanie Howard and Natascha Hardee seek love again after the Golden Bachelor? Keep reading to find out how the two rejected contestants feel about finding love in their golden years.

From 22 Women to 12

Gerry Turner doesn’t want to send any of the women home, getting teary-eyed at the first two rose ceremonies. However, that’s the premise of the show – culling 20+ contestants down to just one.

Turner sent six women home during the first rose ceremony, including Matt James’ mom, Patty James. In Week 2, he didn’t feel a connection with three women – eliminating Jeanie, Natascha, and Peggy.

Wait, that leaves 13 women, right? Unfortunately, Marina self-eliminated, leaving just 12 women to win Gerry’s heart.

Fans are already speculating that Theresa Nist will win the final rose. Click here to read why.

Fans Have Found Their Golden Bachelorette

With the success of the first-ever senior dating show, fans are already asking for a Golden Bachelorette. ABC has yet to confirm the spinoff, though it seems very likely.

Typically, a Bachelorette lead is an eliminated contestant from the previous Bachelor season. Following that formula, the first Golden Bachelorette would likely be one of Gerry Turner’s contestants.

And fans have already found her. They took to Twitter in droves to claim Natascha Hardee as the perfect choice to lead a spinoff.

Will Eliminated Golden Bachelor Contestants Seek Love Again?

But would Natascha be interested in looking for love on reality TV again, or was one season enough? She didn’t specifically address the Golden Bachelororette possibility, but she did share where she stands on looking for love again.

Entertainment Tonight interviewed both Natascha and Jeanie to get their thoughts on Gerry Turner and their elimination from the show. Both women had nothing but good things to say about their experience on the show, particularly the bond with the other women.

“We all got along. We talked about visiting each other afterwards. There was a community in that room. We just bonded,” Jeanie told the outlet.

“It was seven of us in our room and we were happy to be in there. That night, we talked, we gossiped. We were in like a giggle thing for about two hours,” Natascha added.

Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube
Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

As for the prospect of finding love at their age (Natascha is 60, Jeanie is 65,) getting sent home early in the show didn’t change their hope of finding love again.

If anything, it made them believe love in their golden years is possible after all.

Jeanie said, “As far as looking, that has not doused my hope.” She continued, “After meeting a guy like Gerry, I’m open, and I’m hopeful. I really believe it can happen.”

As for Natascha, she’s not waiting any longer for love. “Listen, I’m convinced I’m gonna find love,” she said. “Don’t be surprised in the next six months to a year if I got it going on or hooked up with somebody.”

Do you think Natascha would be a good choice as the first Golden Bachelorette? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Tune in to The Golden Bachelor Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern on ABC.

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