‘Golden Bachelor’ Producers Called Out For ‘Vicious’ Group Date

Jesse Palmer and Gerry Turner/Credit: Golden Bachelor YouTube

Bachelor Nation fans called out producers for ‘vicious’ group date on The Golden Bachelor. What happened on the date? Keep reading for all the details.

The Golden Bachelor A Hit With Viewers

Many Bachelor Nation fans were skeptical about a senior version of the popular dating franchise. First, they didn’t think it would ever happen after ABC went radio silent on the idea after putting out a casting call in 2020.

When the network finally announced the show would air this Fall, some were still wondering how the show would work. Do audiences really want to see a bunch of senior citizens making out on TV?

The answer is: yes, yes, they do. The ratings for The Golden Bachelor were through the roof, giving the franchise its highest numbers since the Season 25 Bachelor premiere in 2021.

Even non-Bachelor fans who’d never seen the show before are watching. If you follow the #thegoldenbachelor hashtag on social media, you’ll find endless comments about how “wholesome” viewers find Gerry Turner and the 22 women vying for his Golden Rose.

Who Is The Villain Of The Season?

But of course, there’s always a villain of the season. Usually, it’s someone viewers (and other contestants) dub as a clout chaser, someone looking to become famous from the show.

However, that’s not the case with The Golden Bachelor. None of the women are interested in becoming a ‘social media influencer,’ if they even use social media.

According to some viewers, the producers are the villains this season for putting Gerry Turner and Theresa in danger. Heading to their one-on-one date, the 72-year-old remarked that the headlights on the convertible he was driving weren’t working.

Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube
Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

Fans blasted producers for putting the two seniors at risk. Everything turned out fine, and the rest of their date went off without a hitch. But that wasn’t the only problematic move by producers.

Bachelor Nation Fans Call Out Producers For ‘Vicious’ Group Date

In addition to his solo date with Theresa, Gerry Turner went on a group date with 12 of the other women. The activity for the date was a photoshoot inspired by the cover of romance novels.

However, wedding dresses were part of the photo shoot and one woman, Nancy, had an emotional reaction, remembering her own wedding to her late husband.

Like Gerry Turner, many of the Golden Bachelor contestants are widows. Many Bachelor Nation fans felt it was cruel to have the widows don wedding attire.

Fans took to social media to share their outrage. “Producers chose the wedding dresses on purpose and HOW DARE THEY! Put a lot of widowers in wedding dresses is a horrible thing to do,” one person angrily wrote on Twitter.

More fans expressed their disapproval on Reddit. One person commented, “The wedding dress photo shoot was a decision, given how so many of them are widows.”

Another viewer agreed, writing, “yeahh not much thought given to that.”

Did you think producers were being cruel or ‘vicious’ by having widows dress in wedding attire? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern on ABC. Don’t miss it!

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  1. I understand why the widower was upset, however they are there to find love and marry again (possibly wearing a wedding dress again) so I don’t think the producers were trying to hurt anyone!! I did not like the seniors out trying to drive on the freeway in a new place without headlights!! They can do better than that and I did not like the small living quarters for our ladies!! Do better for them!! Otherwise I am really enjoying the show!!

    1. yes, all you said is correct. They need to come up with more mature intertainment than driving down interstate ( much less without headlites), sleeping in bunkers, playing a stupid game of dress up. Everything seniors do is more towards calm. A game of golf, bowling, shuffleboard, cards always creates conversation. I know it may not be watch worthy, but I think worth watching to see how they handle in competition.
      Their rooms should be more luxurious. why do the 20 something get treated like kings and queens. I’m 83 and watching.

  2. Having seniors sleep four to a room, with bunkbeds no less is ridiculous. To also put the Bachelor and his date on the highway without headlights was scary. Not good. As we age, our eyes deteriorate and this was just a dumb idea to start with, let alone driving at night. Producers, give your head a shake.

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