‘General Hospital’ Fans On Edge As Cancellation Looms?

Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

General Hospital celebrated its 60th anniversary with a televised special and a special announcement earlier this year. Steve Burton was returning to the soap he called home after a three-year absence. But is bringing a fan-favorite back enough to save the show from cancellation? Fans are on the edge amid a huge shakeup on the ABC soap. Keep reading to find out more.

General Hospital Turns 60

Daytime soap General Hospital premiered on television in April 1, 1963. ABC marked the huge milestone in 2024 with a prime time special dedicated to the anniversary. Current and former stars of the sudser shared behind-the-scenes stories and more about working on the long-running soap opera.

'General Hospital' cast photo/Credit: YouTube
‘General Hospital’ cast photo/Credit: YouTube

The special doubled as a way of announcing a huge casting coup. Steve Burton revealed that he was returning to GH in 2024. He was fired from the soap in 2021 after refusing the COVID vaccine. He went on to star on Days Of Our Lives but left after a year, freeing him up to return to Port Charles.

With such a huge return of a fan-favorite, why do some fans think the show is on the verge of cancellation?

Soap Fans On Edge As Cancellation Looms?

Despite Steve Burton’s return, ratings for ABC’s last remaining soap continue to decline. The sudser fired head writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor in January 2024. They promoted writers Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte to co-head writers.

Steve Burton-YouTube
Steve Burton-YouTube

However, just a few months later, another major shakeup rocked the soap. It was announced earlier this week that Patrick Mulcahey was no longer a head writer, leaving the position solely to Elizabeth Korte.

General Hospital fans took to Twitter to react to the surprising development and most agreed that it wasn’t a good sign. In fact,, some fans are now afraid the show is heading for cancellation.

Check out some of the comments on Twitter:

  • Patrick wasn’t the problem. it’s the EP Frank V that needs to go!
  • Bad move. Korte and the EP are still there, so the poor storytelling will continue. They didn’t even give Patrick a chance to turn things around.
  • I dont know. Not much of a shake up if the room reverts back to essentially what it was before PM arrived and sources of the previous problems still exists in the room
  • This show is doomed

What do you think about the second writing change this year? Is it for the better or does it put the show at risk of cancellation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I don’t think the show should be canceled, I think they should bring some past starsvback on the show, and go from there.

    1. When they won best soap, Frank V’s speech was so robotic that I couldn’t believe it. Maybe he’s the problem, I don’t know. I just couldn’t believe his speech. I could have done better and I’m not an actor.. a retired teacher, so, yeah I could’ve done better.

  2. Please don’t cancel it. I have watched it since I was a child. I’m so sick of the boring talk shows. If it goes there will be nothing to watch in the daytime.

  3. General Hospital needs to bring back
    The actors and actresses from yesterdays they also need to bring back the writers from the seventies and the eighties cuz back In the seventies and eighties they had better storylines because they had better writers bring them all back problem solved

  4. I love GH and have since watching after kindergarten with my mom in 1962/3 I still love todays show but we need to get rid of the boring players Finn, Trina, spice up Elizabeth her sons are boring, Kristina is boring! But keep the show on the air we need it! And I look forward to it every single day!

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