‘ABP’ Bear Brown Rescues Mom, Ami, On Mountain

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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has been sharing about his mom Ami who moved up the mountain, but she had a problem, so he rushed to rescue her ride. Actually, it could have been much worse. So what happened on the North Star Ranch? Read on to find out.

ABP Bear Brown And Ami Are Both On The Mountain

Raiven. her husband, the two kids, River and Cove, and Ami see a lot of each other at the moment.  Ami’s son went back to the North Star Ranch in June to help get the place ready for habitation. At the time, he struggled with communication, but he managed to get some messages out to Discovery fans. Just like his mom, he experienced some difficulty. Mostly, he seemed upset because he struggled to repair his generator. Now, it turns out that he also had other issues.

Discovery Alaskan Bush People ABP TikTok Bear Brown Rescues Ami's Ride On The Mountain
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Bear Brown reunited with Raiven after their separation and he promised that he’d take the family up to the ranch. As that coincided with Ami settling in, it meant that the kids could see their grandmother. Several sweet videos arrived on social media that showed the family enjoying themselves with Ami. One of the nicest revealed River, Raiven, and Ami all playing with a toy barn on the floor in the living room. However, Ami ran into trouble, and it could have been dangerous for her.

Bear Brown Rushed To Help Ami Who Had To Walk

On August 28, Bear shared a video on TikTok that showed him standing next to the “farm truck.” Then he explained that it broke down and his mom had walked all the way back up the mountain “last night.” Next, he told his Alaskan Bush People followers that it was not a good situation for her. Discovery fans know that walking alone in those mountains could mean encounters with dangerous critters.

Bear Brown also said that he had the same problem with the truck when he went up there before Raiven arrived. Perhaps he should modify it because if they don’t“close the door”properly, it will “[run] out of battery.” Rescuing the ride wasn’t all that easy as they had to move it so his own truck could be used to “jump” the other vehicle. In a second video, he let fans know if their plans worked out.


Mom had a small emergency today! We came up to help!! #bearthekingofextreme #Raiv3n_br0wn #fyp #alaskanbushpeople #ptcruiser @amibrownwolfpackmama

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Did They Get The Ride Started?

ABP fans know that Bear Brown is quite good with mechanics, and he shared a second video showing that he managed to connect his battery to the farm truck. Then, he let it run for a bit to charge it up. So, the problem was sorted out and hopefully, Ami won’t have to walk home at night ever again.

What do you think about Ami walking up the mountain by herself at night? Are you glad to hear that Bear rescued her ride and got the truck started for her again? Shout out in the comments below.

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