Bear Brown Encounters Serious Trouble On Mountain

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People / IG

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is encountering some serious trouble on the mountain this summer. The reality TV star has moved up onto the mountain and planned to start living his old bush lifestyle again, but he has found some problems that he might not have expected based on his past experience with the lifestyle.

Here is a look at what Bear is dealing with right now in his mountain home.

Bear Brown struggling on the mountain

Last season on Alaskan Bush People, Bear Brown was moving his wife Raiven Brown and their son River onto the mountain. The Brown family owned a ranch in Washington and also parts of the mountain that the ranch sat on. Gabe Brown and Bear both started building their homes on the mountain last season, but things ended up sidetracked for Bear.

Bear Brown on the mountain / IG

While Gabe chose not to move his family up until he built their new home on the mountain, Bear wanted Raiven and River to move up with him before there was ever a home there. They had a camper and that was it while Bear tried to build them a tent to live in until they had a house. That never worked and it only took a few months before Raiven left him and took River with her to Texas.

Bear went to Texas while Raiven delivered their second child, Cove, but then left her again and returned to Washington. Now alone, Bear chose to go back up the mountain and live off the land until he could get a house built. However, he has learned that things might not be that easy, although he is keeping a tough face about it.

In a recent Instagram post, Bear said that he has been “having a hard time” on the mountain. His biggest problem is getting the generator working right. He emphasized that it isn’t for him, because “the only thing I need to survive is a butter knife.” However, he has animals up there he keeps for food and such. He said the generator is important for the well to water the animals. He also said in the past that he won’t post as much because he needs the generator to charge his phone.

Will Alaskan Bush People be back in 2023?

There has still been no official announcement from Discovery Channel on a new Alaskan Bush People season. With that said, there are several stories that could play out in the new season, including Bear’s current predicament.

Bear Brown IG

One of the biggest stories carried over from last season was Noah and Birdie setting up a small gold mining operation for Rain. They found traces of gold on their mountain, and Rain wants to mine for gold to honor her dad, Billy. Birdie also has ongoing medical issues that will surely be a big part of any future ABP season.

Noah Brown also has his new summer home in Alaska, so there should be a chance to see him returning to Alaska to get the new home set up and start building on the island he purchased last season. With Bear Brown and Gabe Brown both looking at building homes on the mountain, it seems like everyone will be keeping busy if Alaskan Bush People returns.

What are your thoughts about Bear Brown’s problems on the mountain? Do you think this will be part of the next Alaskan Bush People season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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