‘ABP’ Bear Brown’s Exciting Plans Come Together With Mom, Ami

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Bear Brown and Raiven got together with his mom, Ami and he’s started sharing sweet videos of her playing with River. Cove was there as well. As Raiven gave birth to Cove in Texas, Ami wasn’t around to see the new addition to their family. Now she’s making up for lost time with River and his little brother. Obviously, that makes Alaskan Bush People fans feel happy inside.

ABP Bear Brown And His Mom Spend Time With The Kids

Raiven recently shared some sweet scenes of her mother-in-law meeting her grandchildren, River and Cove. Ami’s busy settling in as they complete the final touches to her house. So, Raiven and her husband caught up with her. As it seemed that she hadn’t met Cove before, Discovery Channel fans were happy. Earlier, Rver’s dad said he worked on getting things set up and he’d take the two boys there in late summer. Now, it looks like his plans have come to fruition.

Alaskan Bush People fans like it that Bear Brown thoughtfully shared a video of his mom. After all, Raiven kept baby Cove well away from her husband’s family. Not out of spite, but because Cove arrived with respiratory problems. So, he spent time in the NICU. Naturally, she feared the flu season. Then, with her separated from her husband, it took time for them to reconcile so she could return to Washington. Now, Ami finally gets to spend time with the grandchildren.

Bear Brown Posts A Sweet Video of Ami, Raiven, River, And Cove

Bear Brown took to his TikTok and posted a video of his mom. In it, he explained that they were in the same house where they tied the knot. He showed a bit of the interior and said that his “mom has the place decked out really cool.” Plus, he noted that she has a toy “barn” and River loves to play with it. River of course, “loves farm animals.” In the clip, he showed his mom playing with her grandson and said that his son calls her his “Grammy.” 

'ABP' Alaskan Bush People Discovery Bear Brown Shares Video Of Ami Playing With River Instagram
Image credit: @bearbrownthekingofextreme Instagram

Bear Brown included Cove in the video, but the baby boy was just sitting in his high chair. Meanwhile, his mom, Raiven also happily played with her son and his grandmother. All three of them got down on the carpet and enjoyed the fun of it all. ABP fans also got to see the view from inside the house, and it looks really pretty. Did you know that his mom collects little figurines? He showed fans some of those as well.

ABP Fans React

Bear Brown got some nice comments from Discovery Channel fans. One follower wrote, “Wow it’s beautiful as well as all the family luv u all.”

Meanwhile, another subscriber said, “Omg really nice to see u guys and mom. ❤️big hugs from Ottawa Ontario Canada 🤗❤️.”


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What do you think about the video that Bear Brown shared of his mom, Ami playing with her grandchild, River? Are you happy that she gets to spend time with her grandchildren? Let us know in the comments below. Come back here often for more news about Alaskan Bush People.

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