‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Not Letting Family See New Baby Cove

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Raiven Brown just revealed to Alaskan Bush People fans that she is not letting any family members meet her new son Cove right now. After a tough pregnancy, Cove ended up in NICU with breathing problems. As a result, Raiven has made a tough decision concerning her family.

Here is why Raiven won’t let anyone meet her son Cove right now.

Raiven Brown keeping Cove away from family

Raiven Brown had a tough pregnancy. This was her third rough outing when it comes to having babies. She had to deliver River early when it became life-threatening. She suffered a miscarriage with her second baby. Raiven has been on bed rest since last November to make sure this pregnancy went as planned.

Raiven Brown with Bear and River / episode screencap

Despite all the precautions, and even moving back to Texas to be closer to hospitals, she still had it rough after her c-section. Cove ended up in NICU when he was born with premature infant lung disease. This is usually something for premature babies, but Cove came at 38 weeks and still struggled to breathe on his own.

The good news is that he is out of NICU, has gone home with Bear and Raiven Brown, and is living life with his new family. The struggles have also convinced Raiven that she doesn’t want to have any more babies after River and Cove.

However, she is also a protective mother and has no plans for Cove to fall ill again right now. She posted an Instagram photo of Cove in a baby seat and stroller on his way to his first doctor’s appointment after his hospital release. In the comments, someone asked if Ami Brown had met him yet.

Raiven responded that they are in Texas and Ami is in Washington. Even with that, she said that they won’t allow anyone to meet him until he is older. “Both of our family’s will meet him but not right now,” Raiven wrote. “He was just released from a nicu after having a lot of lung issues during rsv and cold season!”

What this means for Alaskan Bush People

Last season, Alaskan Bush People began airing episodes at the end of January-beginning of February. If the new season has the same start time, there is no chance that Raiven Brown and Bear will be part of the filming for the new season.

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If Raiven is smart enough to keep her family and Bear’s family away from Cove for his own safety, there is no way she would allow a camera crew near them. Now, there is a chance that Bear could film things with his camera as Birdie did during her hospital stay, but don’t expect to see much of Bear, Raiven, River, and Cove at least early in the next season of the reality show.

Is it smart for Raiven Brown to keep Cove away from her family and that of the Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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