‘ABP’ Ami Brown Has Beautiful Reunion With Grandchildren

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In a now-deleted post by Alaskan Bush People star, Raiven, Ami Brown finally met her grandson, Cove. Soon after the photo went up, it returned a 404 error.  Actually, Raiven quite often does that on her social media. Or, she will change the name, hide things, then unhide them. However, we grabbed a screenshot before that happened so you can see how delighted Cove’s grandmother looked.

ABP Ami Brown Was Denied Meeting Cove

Cove arrived after his parents separated for a while. However, Bear flew to Texas for the birth. Unfortunately, their new baby wasn’t well and ended up in the NICU for a while. Raiven asked for prayers and fans sent in a lot of positive thoughts. It turned out that although she carried him full-term, the baby arrived with respiratory issues usually found in preemie children. Fortunately, he survived and these days he is thriving alongside his brother, River.

At the end of January, Bear shared a photo of Raiven with Cove and as she was in a car, Discovery Channel fans were happy that the baby was well enough to go home. However, Ami Brown wouldn’t get to meet the baby until much later. In fact, Raven remained in Texas for quite a long time. Recently, she and Bear got together in Washington, and he’s enjoying seeing his kids at the moment.

Ami Brown Meets Her Grandchildren

Raiven said that she would not let anyone in Bear’s family meet her child soon after his arrival. Why was that? Well, she talked about how her little baby was born with respiratory issues. Additionally, as the flu season was full on, she didn’t want to risk Cove getting sick. Naturally, Alaskan Bush People fans understood her caution. Now, for the first time, ABP fans saw a photo of the “wolf pack’ mom with the new addition.

Alaskan Bush People 'ABP' Ami Brown Has Beautiful Reunion With Grandchildren Instagram Raiven Brown
Image credit: Raiven Brown Instagram

Ami Brown didn’t share any photos of River or Cove on her Instagram that Bear announced recently. Presumably, she only just caught up with grandchildren. Actually, it makes sense because Bear’s been helping her prepare her accommodation on the ranch. Additionally, Bear said that he wants to take the kids up there to enjoy the last of the summer.

Raiven Might Stick With Bear

Ami Brown met up with Bear on the ranch and they talked about how she’s planning her gardens and a big celebration when they finally move back there. Bear also talked about how he’s building a habitable cabin for himself and his little family. Plus, the word arrived that Raiven and Bear probably won’t split again. So hopefully, Ami spends a lot more time with her grandchildren than she has in the past.

What do you think about the photo of Ami Brown with her new grandchild, Cove? Are you happy that she finally met the cute little guy? Let us know in the comments below. Come back here often for more news about Alaskan Bush People.

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