‘ABP’ Bear Brown Supports Raiven After Split

Bear Brown- Instagram

Bear Brown made it clear on Instagram recently that he continues to support Raiven even after they split up.

Bear Brown, from Alaskan Bush People, has been filling up his Instagram account lately. He has been working on his cosplay for a new contest and he has been doing some other promoting. Fans may remember that he and his wife, Raiven Brown have been separated for a while now. However, this has not stopped him from helping to promote her. In fact, his latest post shared a new business venture for her.

Raiven’s Newest Business Venture

Bear has shown just how supportive he can be for others in his family. He often shares Cameo links with his fans in order to help his siblings make extra cash. His support is now going to Raiven, who is the mother of his two sons. He recently took to Instagram to sing her praises. Bear also wanted his fans to show her support.

The post read, “Hey everyone! Check out what Raiven is up to! She is working selling Kate Quinn clothes on the Whatnot app! It’s actually a really cool thing! Raiven is mainly just doing baby and toddler clothes! They sell clothes for all ages and some toys too though! It’s very cheap and you’re not gonna find prices like that anywhere else! Plus anyone who uses Raiven’s code by following her link gives you $15 worth of credit for free! That’s a steal!!! It’s really awesome and helps everyone out!!! Follow the link tree in my bio to find a Raiven and her Whatnot account!!! I encourage everybody to check it out. God bless!!!”

Bear Brown- Instagram
Bear Brown- Instagram

Bear Brown shared an adorable photo of their son, River modeling these cute clothes. Of course, as soon as his follower saw this, they were quick to share how adorable this was.

One of his followers wrote, “River looks like such a happy little guy.”

Other fans added that they were so happy to see River smiling and getting so big. There were also fans who applauded Bear for showing support for Raiven, even if they aren’t together.

Bear Brown’s Newest Venture

With all of the excitement in Bear’s life, he has made it a point to still get out and do what he loves. Recently, he decided that he wanted to compete in a cosplay contest, where he dressed as the Joker from Batman.

He sees this as a great opportunity to show off more of her personality. From what his followers have seen, he is doing well in this contest. Bear Brown continues to push the voting in hopes that he will win the grand prize.

Bear Brown- Instagram
Bear Brown- Instagram

Bear Brown has done his best to keep his family afloat and he is still pushing his Cameo messages. During Valentine’s Day, he got so many requests that he was overwhelmed! We hope this was his chance to make some extra money for the kids and Raiven.

Do you think it is nice of Bear Brown to support Raiven even though she left him? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People.

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