‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Says She Is Trying To Quit Bear Brown

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown let fans know she is trying to “quit” Bear Brown. This comes just a week after erasing him from her Instagram again. Plus, it is less than a month after the couple welcomed their second son into the world.

Here is how Raiven Brown let fans know the news about her and Bear’s breakup.

Raiven Brown tells fans she and Bear have split up

Raiven Brown is currently on an Instagram break, as she has said more than once the people there are more toxic to her than on other social media platforms. However, while she is MIA from Instagram, she is still active on TikTok, and that is where she made her big announcement.

In the short video, she looked at the camera sadly and wrote on the screen, “Taking care of a newborn and recovering from a c-section alone.” It seemed a little strange because Raiven had previously said she didn’t understand why people wanted to know her private business. However, she felt it necessary to share once again.

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She also responded to fans in the comments. The first fan said they were “sincere” and cared, but that told her to “stop going back to him.” Raiven responded to them, “I’m trying genuinely the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is close the door on the other parent of my child.”

Other commenters said that they noticed that Bear is back in Washington, less than a month after Raiven spent almost a week in the hospital after delivering their new baby, Cove. The baby was born with a breathing problem and required an extended stay in the hospital as well.

This also led to fans discussing the reasons for the breakup, with some speculating that Bear hit her. However, in this situation, Raiven came to his defense and said, “that is a rumor that’s not the case.”

Another said they were sorry, but they reminded Raiven that she is “strong.” Raiven responded that “I’ve proven time and time again I can’t learn a lesson.”

Raiven & Bear have done this many times before

While this might come as a surprise to many Alaskan Bush People fans, this is nothing new. Before they got married, Raiven left Bear after River was born and returned to Texas. She eventually returned around the time that Billy Brown died. The two finally got married in January 2022.

However, in March, just two months after their wedding, Bear went to jail for a weekend for abuse allegations. He ended up getting out and Raiven went back to him. The two ended up pregnant less than a month later. Bear ended up getting a plea deal where he would have all charges dropped by December if he didn’t get in trouble again.

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Around that time, Raiven announced she was leaving him again. She deleted him from her Instagram and went back to Texas. Within weeks, he was back in Texas and they were back together again. This lasted until after Cove was born. Just weeks after that, the two separated again, and Raiven seems to want to finally end things this time.

Do you think Raiven Brown and Bear will remain separated this time, or will it end up like their last several breakups? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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