‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Purges Bear From IG Again

Raiven Brown IG

For the third time in the last year, Raiven Brown has purged her Instagram account of any photos of mention of her Alaskan Bush People husband Bear Brown. When she did it last November, she announced the two separated and would co-parent in the future. This time, she did it without commenting.

Here is what Raiven has done with her Instagram account and why it looks really bad this time.

Raiven Brown deletes Bear Brown from Instagram

Raiven Brown deleted every photo of Bear Brown from her Instagram account. This is what she did every time they split up over the last year. The couple married in January 2022 and nothing has been easy since that time for the Alaskan Bush People couple.

In March, Bear went to jail on domestic abuse charges. Raiven convinced the judge to end the no-contact order and they got back together. Less than a month later, Raiven was pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Raiven Brown IG

In November, Raiven deleted Bear completely from her Instagram account and unfollowed him. Bear was still following her on the social media platform, but she seemed to delete him from her online life. This lasted about a week before she slowly added him back little by little.

The weekend before the Alaskan Bush People season finale, Raiven once again deleted Bear from her Instagram account and unfollowed him as well. She also posted a message on her Instagram Stories that said she was separating from him. She also moved back to Texas.

Bear and Raiven Brown - episode screencap

This didn’t last either. Bear ended up in Texas with Raiven, and little by little, she returned to social media and more photos of Bear began to appear on her account. The two ended up together up until the birth of their second son, Cove. This even included a date night the two of them shared before Cove’s birth.

Gone Again?

Now, Bear has disappeared from Raiven’s Instagram account again. This time, it looks even worse. Like the last two times, Raiven unfollowed Bear on Instagram again. However, unlike the last two times, it seems Bear has unfollowed Raiven as well. While there are still pics of her on his page, he is not following her anymore.

The only family members who are still following Raiven are Rain and Gabe, along with Gabe’s wife and Noah’s wife. Raiven unfollowed Bear, but she is still following Gabe, Noah, Bam, Bird, and Rain.

What is next for Raiven & Bear on Alaskan Bush People?

It is unlikely that Raiven Brown and Bear will appear together with their kids on the next season of Alaskan Bush People. Bear will surely be on the show, but there is little chance Discovery wants a repeat of last season where Raiven publicizes their problems right before a finale that painted the picture of a bright future.

Raiven Brown IG

There is also the fact that Cove was born with medical issues, and Raiven has made it clear she doesn’t want anyone around her son until he is older. Therefore, don’t expect a camera crew around the new baby. Also, don’t expect Raiven to go back to Washington anytime soon.

With that said, most of the breakups between Bear and Raiven Brown have only lasted a few weeks. By the end of February, this could all be forgotten once again.

What are your thoughts on Raiven Brown and Bear and their on-again, off-again relationship on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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