Bear & Raiven Brown’s Newborn Son In NICU, Asking For Prayers

Alaskan Bush People stars Bear and Raiven Brown welcomed their second son on Friday morning via c-section. The estranged couple announced the pregnancy in May 2022. They already share a two-year-old son River Brown born in March 2020. Just like her first pregnancy, Raiven had some complications with her second child. Currently, the newborn baby is receiving medical care in the NICU while his mother asks for prayers from fans for his health. Keep reading for more details about Raiven and Bear Brown’s newborn son!

Raiven Brown Had A Scary First Pregnancy

Back in November, in her third trimester, the mother of two explained that her second pregnancy was quite different from her first. With River, she never really had any strong cravings. However, with her second son, she is constantly craving something or the other. In the 34th week of pregnancy with River, she had an abruption that soon turned life-threatening causing her to opt for an emergency c-section.

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With her second son, the 23-year-old also had complications that landed her in the ER. Thankfully, the doctors were able to stop the contractions and advised her complete bed rest until her son was born. When asked about the baby’s name, Raiven replied that she will update fans when the baby arrives. Now that the young one is here, fans are eager to learn his name and pray for his well-being.

Raiven Brown Opts For C-Section Due To Complications

On Instagram, the reality star shared a black-and-white picture of her with the newborn resting on her chest. In the caption, she detailed, “Our son was born yesterday morning it was my scheduled c-section. We decided this was the best option due to the risks and my firstborn being a c-section. Unfortunately, he has a few things going on so he is in the NICU. It’s so difficult making it to 38 weeks and baby boy going to the NICU like his big brother.”

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While the newborn baby is in the NICU, she clarified that he is absolutely perfect and, “we are so grateful to have yet again a wonderful son. We will be sharing his name and further pictures once the baby boy is more stable. All prayers are appreciated and welcomed.”

Raiven & Bear Brown Insist Their Break Is Temporary

This comes after the TV star updated in December 2022 that she and Bear have separated for good. In a since-deleted IG post, she called it quits confirming that she is putting her health and the kids above everything else. Raiven Brown also explained that she’ll be co-parenting with Bear and won’t share any more information about their relationship in public.

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However, later in a Q&A with Bear, she updated fans that they are just on a break to avoid stress during pregnancy. She insisted that the break is temporary and that they might reconcile later.

Are you excited that the little one is finally here and to learn Bear and Raiven Brown’s son’s name? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Alaskan Bush People!

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