‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Shares Ultrasound & Baby Bump Photos

Raiven Brown - episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has just shared an ultrasound photo and her 36-week baby bump photo with fans. Raiven, who is in Texas right now to help keep her baby’s delivery as safe as possible, is due toward the end of the month.

Here is a look at Raiven’s ultrasound photos and baby bump photos as she prepares to welcome her second son into the world.

Raiven Brown shares ultrasound, baby bump photos

Raiven Brown is due to deliver her baby at the end of January, which is a little earlier than the beginning of February that she announced last year. However, things look like they are progressing nicely for the future mother of two.

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Two social media posts just popped up over the last couple of days – one on Raiven’s Instagram account and the other on Bear’s account. On Bear’s account, he shared a photo of the baby to be in a new ultrasound photo. He wrote in the caption that the little guy will be in his mother’s arms soon. Raiven responded to that by clarifying that she isn’t having the baby yet, but it is getting close.

The second photo came on Raiven’s account, where she posted a new baby bump photo for the 36-week mark. She left no comment in the caption outside of the weeks. Yet, in the comments, she said she is due this month, but will not share the exact day before anyone asked. When someone asked her why Raiven said they wanted privacy on the actual due date. “Less stress and worry and can focus on baby!” she wrote.

Raiven Brown IG pics

Raiven Brown in Texas for safer delivery

In December, things got a little wild for the Alaskan Bush People family. Raiven told her fans in an Instagram Stories message that she and Bear Brown had separated and she left for her own safety. She then said they would co-parent, but she would answer no questions about the separation.

Raiven Brown with Bear and River - episode screencap

However, by Christmas, they were back together again. Raiven announced that she had returned to Texas (where her family lives). It appears that Bear is also there now and they are a couple once again as she prepares to have their second baby. Raiven said that she moved to Texas because it was too far of a transport to get her to a hospital in case of pregnancy complications on the mountain in Washington.

Raiven had to deliver her first son, River, early when the pregnancy became life-threatening. She then suffered a miscarriage in her next pregnancy. That means that this one needs the utmost attention, and Raiven has been on bed rest for much of the last few months.

Send your best wishes to Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown as her due date grows near in the comments below.

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