‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Explains Why She Want Back To Texas

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown revealed why she went back to Texas. The reality TV star had initially said that she and Bear Brown had separated for her own safety and that she wouldn’t say anything more about it. However, in a recent comment, she slightly went back on her original story.

Here is why Raiven said she left Bear and went back to Texas.

Why did Raiven Brown go back to Texas?

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Earlier in December, Raiven Brown posted an Instagram Stories post that explained that she and Bear Brown had separated. The timing was terrible for Alaskan Bush People since she made this announcement just days before the season finale. In that finale, the narrator talked about a bright future ahead for the couple, which seemed awkward since Raiven had just announced their separation.

Shortly after, Raiven posted another Instagram Stories post about how she was in Texas. Meanwhile, Bear was posting photos of snow-covered Washington. It was clear that they were in different places, with Raiven also saying she was still on bed rest and was taking care of River at the same time.

However, Raiven has a new story she is telling fans. After posting a photo of her and Bear walking with River down the sidewalk, one fan asked if they don’t live on the ranch while not filming. Raiven didn’t answer but told the fan why she was in Texas now.

Raiven wrote, “we have been in Texas for the second half of my pregnancy.” Bear’s posts on his page clearly showed that he was still in Washington up until Christmas, but he did join her there around the holidays. She then said that it is dangerous with her pregnancy complications to be too far from a hospital. She said their home in Washington was “three hours to and from during the winter.”

Raiven then said she went into contractions a few weeks ago and it would have been bad if she was still in Washington. She then wrote, “we made the choice to temporally stay in Texas.” It doesn’t explain why she said that she and Bear separated, but it does explain why going to Texas was best for her safety.

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Bear & Raiven had a whirlwind year

It has been a wild year for Raiven Brown and her marriage to Bear. The two got married in January, and the new season of Alaskan Bush People started filming just a few weeks after the wedding. However, the show completely skipped March when Bear spent a weekend in jail for alleged spousal abuse.

Bear ended up going back home and Raiven ended up pregnant within a month. That story played out on the show as Bear began to work on building their home further up the mountain. Bear finally reached a plea agreement in his court case and was on probation until December, when if he stayed out of trouble, all charges would be dropped.

However, when Raiven announced they separated for her own safety, it worried some fans about what Bear might have done. It looks like it was just another part of the roller coaster ride in the relationship between Raiven and Bear.

Do you buy the fact that Raiven Brown went to Texas just for the safety of the close hospitals, or do you think there was more to the story of her and Bear separating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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