‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Asks Why People Care

Raiven Brown with Bear and River | Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown is questioning why fans are concerned about her marriage relationship with Bear Brown. This all took place in an interaction she had with a fan, and the fan didn’t seem ready to back down.

Here is what Raiven said to the fan and why it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Raiven Brown wonders why fans care about her marriage

Bear and Raiven Brown with River | Instagram

Raiven Brown hasn’t made her relationship problems with Bear Brown a secret. She has deleted all existence of Bear from her Instagram account more than once. Raiven unfollowed him and then refollowed him. She has since added some new pictures back to her account with Bear in them once again.

However, Raiven even went further than that with this latest breakup. In the past, fans just assumed the two broke up when she deleted him from her social media life. This last time, Raiven actually posted an Instagram Story that told fans that she and Bear had separated for her own safety. She then said she wouldn’t talk anymore about it.

However, since that time, she said she would be spending Christmas with Bear and River. The pictures then showed up on both Bear and Raiven’s accounts with them together, all smiles. That caused one fan to comment, “Are they together, or apart? Can’t keep up.” Raiven wouldn’t ignore the question and decided to comment, even though it was on Bear’s IG account.

Raiven asked, “why are you so worried about it.” The fan didn’t back down, though, and commented back, “Well I’m not the one airing my dirty laundry all over social media.” While Raiven posted the breakup news on her Instagram Story, which is deleted after 24 hours, there was still a screenshot as proof of her making the breakup public knowledge.

Raiven Brown IG

Raiven and Bear keeping fans on their toes

While Raiven Brown was very open about leaving Bear Brown and separating less than a year after their marriage, Bear hasn’t said anything about it. When Raiven first announced she was leaving him, Bear had a big announcement for fans. He created his own t-shirt he was selling. It seemed a little strange for timing.

Now that Raiven and Bear spent Christmas together, Bear had another big announcement. He was starting a Cameo account for fans to get personalized messages from him. It almost seems like Bear is oblivious to fans seeing what is happening in his life.

While Raiven feels that their personal lives should be off-limit to fans, the fact that their marriage is part of their reality TV storyline makes it public interest as well. With Raiven revealing the breakup herself, she shouldn’t be surprised when fans ask about it.

Does Raiven Brown have a point about people not worrying about her marriage, or should she expect it as a reality TV star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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