‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Gives Huge Update On New Son’s Health

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Alaskan Bush People‘s Raiven Brown has just delivered a massive update on her new son, Cove. The baby was born with medical issues and spent a lot of time in NICU. However, Raiven’s latest update has fans excited about the health of her baby boy.

Here is a look at Raiven’s update on her son and what this means for theĀ Alaskan Bush People star.

Raiven Brown delivers huge news on new son Cove

Raiven Brown delivered her second son, Cove, last week via a scheduled c-section. While the baby was born when scheduled, at 38 weeks, he still suffered from some complications at birth. TheĀ Alaskan Bush People star let fans know he was born with premature infant lung disease. While he was not premature, he still struggled to breathe on his own at first.

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He ended up in NICU and Raiven kept fans updated as things went along. He had tubes to help him breathe for a few days. The good news is that he had the tubes removed over the last couple of days and ended up being allowed to sleep in a crib, breaking on his own. He was still in NICU at the time. That has all changed for the better.

In a new Instagram post on Saturday, Raiven posted a photo that sent fans’ hearts fluttering. It was a photo of Cove sitting in a car seat, sleeping. It looks like Raiven Brown has finally gotten released from the hospital and she is heading home with her new bundle of joy.

Fans were ecstatic when they saw the photo. “Oh dear, how sweet, I’m glad that he’s doing well and that you’re going to the rest of the family together,” one wrote. Another posted, “You both can go home? Oh, I’m very happy about that! All love and God’s blessing.”

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Raiven Brown’s tough pregnancy

This is the culmination of what turned into a rough pregnancy for Raiven Brown. After she suffered a life-threatening delivery with her first son, River, she took no chances this time around. She has been on bed rest since last November, preparing to give birth to her second son. Ultimately, she ended up moving back to Texas with her family in December.

This was a tough time as well, as Raiven announced to fans that she and Bear Brown had separated just over a month before her due date. However, Bear ended up going to Texas and the two seem to have reconciled. Now, Bear and Raiven have watched their second son come into the world, and it is time to take him home and continue to raise a great family with his big brother, River.

How exciting is it to see Raiven Brown finally taking her new son home with her? Are you looking forward to seeing Cove on the next season of Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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