Bear Brown Reunites With Mom, Ami, For Big Move

Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Ami Brown Instagram

Alaskan Bush People fans who follow Bear Brown know that recently, he’s been up on the mountain and now he reunited with his mom Ami over a big upcoming move. Several times, he explained that the family will return and make their home on the ranch more permanent. It’s been three years since a wildfire destroyed their mountain home.

Bear Brown Works To Build The Ranch Into A Home

It’s not clear where Ami lives at the moment, and since Billy died, it’s not known what happened with their large home. Remember, they stayed there while she fought her battle with cancer.  However, some of the family now seem keen to settle on the ranch. After all, it was Billy’s dream for them. Bear is still working to construct a cabin for himself and Raiven and the two boys, River and Cove.

Discovery Channel ABP Bear Brown Raiven River Cove Instagram
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Bear Brown ran into a few problems with generating power while he started preparing the ranch for habitation. Actually, he seemed a bit upset that his siblings wouldn’t or couldn’t help out. Nevertheless, he seems set to persist with the challenges. At the moment, he’s not up there, because Raiven and the boys came to visit. However, he proposed that later, before the end of summer, he plans on going back up, this time with his little family.

Bear Brown & Ami Chat About Her Plans On The Mountain

When Ami’s son took her up the mountain to look around, they sat down together and chatted about what she wants to do first. Bear shared a video on TikTok and then to his Instagram. Being who she is, of course, the first thing that the mom of the “Wolf Pack” wants to do “is celebrate.”  

Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Ami Brown Instagram
Image credit: @bearbrownthekingofextreme Instagram

Discovery Channel fans already know that Bear Brown ran into problems with the generator, so she also wants a better plan than that. Agreeing, Bear noted that the costs involved in “running a generator” are way too expensive the see days. So, she talked about harnessing “the wind” to generate power. Another option is to “go solar.” 

Gardens And Water Supply

Bear Brown asked his mom what she felt should be her “next project” once she settled into her cabin. Well, she naturally wants her own “gardens.” Rain and Birdie also like their gardening, but Ami’s the most experienced person with green thumbs. That means organizing “the water” to keep the plants healthy. Certainly, it looks like Bear and his siblings have a lot of work to do before their mother feels settled in on the mountain.

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