‘ABP’ Does Ami Brown Still Live In 2.7 Million Dollar Mansion?

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Despite the picture they portray in their Discovery Channel series, Ami and Billy Brown’s family aren’t always toughing it out in the woods. In fact, Billy Brown’s widow was rumored to live in a mansion worth approximately $2.7 million. It’s been a little over a year since Billy passed away and fans are wondering if Ami Brown still resides within her expensive mansion. Here’s what we know about Ami’s current living situation.

The reason Ami Brown’s family moved to a mansion

According to Pop Culture, the Alaskan Bush People clan have called their $2.7 million mansion located in Beverly Hills their home since 2018. The family revealed it was Ami Brown’s battle with cancer that prompted them to move into the home.

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Things got a bit dicey for the Brown family after Billy passed away. It was reported that Billy did NOT sign a will prior to his death. This left his wife in a position where she had to request to be the representative of his estate. After snagging the role, Ami Brown listed their assets as being $439K. She also claimed the family had $2K in a bank account and a little over $10K in household assets. Reportedly, there was no mention of the $2.7 million mansion. What happened to the mansion? Where did it go?

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A quick deep dive reveals no recent news of the family’s $2.7M mansion. A year ago, there were reports of how “gorgeous” the mansion was. Likewise, there were also a lot of reports of how duped and cheated fans of the show felt knowing the family had a cushy mansion to go home to. The entire Brown family came under fire and were accused of being a farce as they seemingly only toughed it in the wild long enough to film a season of the show.

While there is reportedly no news on what happened to the mansion or where the mansion went, the mansion is NOT listed in the assets of the family following Billy’s death. For this reason alone, Alaskan Bush People fans have no reason to believe anyone in the family still lives in the mansion.

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What do you think the family ended up doing with the $2.7M mansion? More importantly, where does Ami Brown live now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Who cares? Can’t you find something better to write a story on. Ami Brown has had a shit life being married to her husband. She has been dragged around from place to place, given birth to several kids, done her best to teach her children and been the calming, stable, loving parent, doing her best to raise her kids to be self sufficient and confident in not so great sometimes conditions. She was a good wife and mother. Just leave her alone. She did her time. I HOPE she lives in a mansion. She deserves it. Find some damn Kardasian or some shit to beat up on. This woman has dealt with enough.

  2. I would say that is none of our business and move on to another family and leave them alone. If they wanna have $20 million but still live in the wild, that is none of our business. If they wanna continue to make a show that the fans still watch them so be it. You don’t have to watch it!

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