‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Makes Huge Lifestyle Change

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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown announced a major lifestyle change. This is something that might surprise some of his fans. It could also throw up a major change in his home life in the future. It also hints at his current relationship with his wife and kids, as well as the future of his reality TV show.

Here are the changes that Bear is making in his life right now and what it means for the future.

Bear Brown announces big move

Things have been all over the place for Bear Brown in 2023. In January, he was in Texas with his wife Raiven Brown as she gave birth to their second child. Since then, he moved back to Washington, leaving Raiven and their two sons in Texas. He lived on the family’s Northstar Ranch, helping get it up and running. However, that time has come to an end and Bear just announced big changes are coming.

In an Instagram video, Bear revealed he is moving. Bear said he moved back onto the mountain, and this is now permanent. Last season, Bear and Raiven were moving onto the mountain with their son River. However, that didn’t last as she ended up pregnant. She left Bear right before the season’s finale aired, moving to Texas. Bear then moved to Northstar since he needed to get his home built up on the mountain.

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People / IG

That has now finished. Bear said he has moved back to the mountain and is now there on a permanent basis. He did say he has no electricity right now and no running water. Bear said that for water, he has a well that he can handpump or use a generator where he can pump it out faster. He does that for the horses. For the price of gas, he uses the generator as little as possible. He said he uses it for the pump for the horses and at night to charge his phone.

However, he also has no cell phone service on the mountain, although he does have it on the outer edges of the mountain. He also has no WiFi set up, so there won’t be as much contact while he is on the mountain. With that said, expect him to have lots of videos he shoots and then posts when he gets into good coverage areas.

What does this mean forĀ Alaskan Bush People?

While Discovery Channel has not announced the return date for Alaskan Bush People yet, there were questions about how Bear Brown would be used in a new season. With his wife and kids in Texas, there didn’t seem to be a story for him anymore. On the other hand, Noah has his summer home in Alaska he wants to fix up, Birdie Brown has her ongoing medical issues, and Rain has her gold mining adventures.

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However, this could really open up a new season for Bear’s story. Getting rid of his family drama, seeing Bear moving back onto the mountain and getting settled in – without electricity or water – brings back memories of the early seasons of Alaskan Bush People. Out of all the Brown family members, Bear might be the one really finally going back to the bush.

What are your thoughts on Bear Brown moving into the mountain and living off the grid again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I am anxiously awaiting the season 15 premiere. I have watched this show from the day it started. I don’t care what people say about this nonsense about different locations and such. I watch it because I enjoy the people, all of them, mostly Bam . I miss the oldest son and I completely understand why he is no longer in the show. I have enjoyed seeing these children grow up to adulthood. Do Not cancel this show because of idiotic nonsense.

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