‘ABP’ Ami Brown Reveals Who Is Replacing Billy In Her Life

Ami Brown on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

Billy Brown died last year and his Alaskan Bush People family has had to learn how to move on without him. It has been visibly hard on some, such as Birdie Brown, who still hasn’t gotten past her dad’s death. However, one person who remains a concern is Ami Brown, who has moved on without the love of her life.

In the most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, Ami reveals who has replaced Billy in her life, helping her continue to live on the ranch.

Ami Brown is watching her Wolf Pack leave

Billy Brown took care of the ranch with his boys until his death. However, once he died, Ami Brown had to figure out how to keep the ranch going and profitable to continue to survive. Things grew dark when the fires tore through Washington last year, and the family lost much of their ranch. However, they started rebuilding and are getting it under control again.

Ami Brown | episode screencap

That is where the new season of Alaskan Bush People started, and that is when more changes started happening that placed Ami Brown in a time of need. Noah Brown, the brains of the Wolf Pack, created some automated devices to help because he plans to leave completely. He said he wanted to move his wife and kids back to Alaska so they could have the same memories he did growing up. That eliminates one of Ami’s sons from the equation.

Birdie is also thinking of leaving. She hasn’t gotten over the death of Billy and doesn’t know her place in the world. She has also contemplated returning to Alaska and took a trip there with Noah after she underwent surgery to remove tumors from her body. Rain also went with them to help care for Birdie.

Bear Brown is still there, but he has his wife and son to tend to, but the couple just announced they are expecting a second boy. They also moved further up the mountain, a distance away. Gabe is there, but he also has big plans to build his family a new home, and he just went to Alaska as well to help look after Birdie.

Ami Brown on who has replaced Billy at her home

Bam Bam Brown | episode screencap

For Ami Brown on the ranch, she said in the recent episode that Bam Bam Brown has replaced Billy in her life. Bam is the one that doesn’t have too many family ties outside of his mom, and he is there to work hard to get the ranch up and going. Bam is in a relationship with someone, but when it comes to his focus, it is all about helping his mom get the ranch running and keeping it profitable.

While some of the Wolf Pack are ready to leave, Ami Brown is lucky to have her son Bam there to carry the load. It takes an enormous weight off her shoulders after losing Billy last year.

Are you watching this season of Alaskan Bush People? How do you think Ami Brown will do when many of her kids are leaving home at the same time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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