‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Shows Support For Bear

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After Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown delivered her second son, Cove, she announced she and her husband Bear Brown had separated. They had separated last year but reunited until the baby was born. The two have since gone their separate ways.

However, Raiven just posted support for her estranged husband, which might come as a surprise for fans.

Raiven Brown Offers Support For Bear Brown

Raiven Brown has made it clear since she separated from Bear Brown that she is not happy with her estranged husband. After announcing the separation, she made social media posts about how she now has to raise her new baby alone in Texas while also raising toddler River.

Meanwhile, Bear Brown returned to Washington and is a long way from his children and estranged wife. While Raiven struggled to figure out how to care for her two children alone and make a living to pay the bills, Bear started trying to find ways to make money himself, from running his Cameo account to making comics and animated videos.

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Most recently, Bear entered a cosplay competition where he used his makeup skills to enter as the Batman villain, The Joker. His siblings have promoted fan voting, which is how this competition is won. There is also a way to donate money to a children’s charity foundation via voting as well.

In a surprising move, Raiven Brown promoted Bear’s cosplay competition on her Instagram Stories. She posted a photo of Bear in makeup and asked if fans had voted for him yet. This is a nice move, especially since Bear said that an anti-Alaskan Bush People Facebook page has been actively asking people to vote against Bear.

Raiven Brown And Bear Brown’s Relationship Timeline

This support from Raiven comes as a surprise. Last January, Bear married Raiven. In March, Bear went to jail for domestic abuse charges, but Raiven came back to him when he was released. Within a month, she was pregnant with their second child – her rainbow baby.

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By December, Raiven left Bear and went to Texas, where her family lived. She erased him from her Instagram timeline and wrote online that they separated. She later said she was just going to Texas to be closer to a hospital and dismissed the separation.

The baby was born at the end of January this year. After a stay in the hospital, where the baby had medical issues, Raiven went home. Bear then left and returned to Washington, and Raiven admitted they separated again. Raiven even admitted on TikTok that she was trying to get over Bear and move on.

Raiven supporting Bear does not mean they are reconciling, though. When asked what he would do if he won the money, he said he would use half of it to buy food and clothes for his two sons. Maybe Raiven is just hoping he is honest about that.

Are you surprised to see Raiven Brown supporting her estranged husband, Bear Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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