Why Lala Kent Believes Rachel Leviss Should’ve Returned For S11

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Why does Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent believe that Rachel Leviss should have returned for Season 11? It was up in the air as to whether or not Leviss would be coming back. Then, it came out that she was contractually bound but there may have been a loophole. Now, she is officially done with the show and the people from it but Kent is not good with this. Read on for more details.

Why Lala Kent Believes Rachel Leviss Should’ve Returned For S11

When viewers last saw Lala Kent and Rachel Leviss together, it was not a pleasant sight. Kent was going after Leviss for what she had done to Ariana Madix. Leviss had been having a months-long affair with Madix’s boyfriend of almost a decade, co-star Tom Sandoval. More than that, she showed very little remorse and deceived everyone into thinking she was a sweet little angel. At the same time, Kent had not cared for Leviss since she first popped onto the scene in Season 5 and was dating James Kennedy. After the Season 10 reunion, Leviss went away to a mental health facility for around three months.

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Toward the end of her stay, Season 11 started to film and it was unclear if she would return. Her contract said she was bound for the new season but she could technically get out of it. If it would be detrimental to her mental health, then she could opt out or so it seemed. When Leviss appeared on Just B with Bethenny Frankel, she confirmed she would not be coming back. Furthermore, she took a jab at Lala Kent for profiting off of her. She also noted that Kent was one of the few people who contacted her and wanted her back.

Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

Now, according to Us Weekly, Lala says that she believes Rachel should have come back for Season 11. She discussed this on her Give Them Lala podcast and added that she has not listened to Rachel on Just B. “It is a travesty that she didn’t end up coming back. She should have come back. I think she would have been very surprised. And instead, she went and did this [podcast with Bethenny] and she was manipulated yet again.”

Lies Upon Lies

The one thing that the Vanderpump Rules cast does seem to have a problem with is the lies that Rachel Leviss keeps telling. Additionally, Bethenny said that she felt Rachel should have been compensated properly for what she brought to Season 10. However, Leviss maintained that she had not seen a penny which is also false. Lala Kent also cleared up some false narratives that Leviss shared with Bethenny. One of them had to do with how she now claims she and Ariana Madix were not that close at all.

Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix/Instagram
Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix-Instagram

“There were things that she was then saying that were not perspective. It was a flat-out lie and I can’t imagine you believe what you are saying,” Kent explained. She also detailed the Vegas trips the girls took where Rachel got extremely drunk and kissed Oliver Saunders. Leviss then said some unkind things to Kent but in her interview with Bethenny, she alleged that the girls told her she was “reality TV ratings gold.” Kent stands by the fact that this never happened.

Ultimately, Lala Kent believes that Rachel was exploited by Bethenny but is happy she got to use her voice. Do you think she was exploited? Moreover, do you agree that she should have returned for Season 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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