‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Over Rachel Leviss’ Lies

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The Vanderpump Rules cast is officially over Rachel Leviss’ lies, especially after she opened up to Bethenny Frankel recently. Her former co-stars have some very strong feelings about what she had to say. More so, they do not even believe one word that came out of her mouth. Read on for more details on the whole situation.

Vanderpump Rules Cast Over Rachel Leviss’ Lies

Rachel Leviss had a lot to say when she spoke out on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Just B. Frankel had taken a vested interest in the former Pump Rules star. She felt that she should be properly compensated for the abuse that she endured. At the same time, Bethenny is seemingly on a mission to take Bravo down. She then sat down for a three-part interview with Leviss who was smack dab in the center of ‘Scandoval.’ During their chat, Rachel spilled a lot of tea, including how some of the cast wanted her back. Additionally, she claimed she was not compensated and that Tom Sandoval was given producer credit for Season 11.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8/YouTube
Vanderpump Rules Season 8-YouTube

Katie Maloney subtly shaded the former pageant contestant by insinuating that she was a liar. Now, in a TMZ TikTok compilation by @realityops, Lisa Vanderpump is speaking up and out. She clarifies a lot, mainly that the cast does not believe anything that Rachel Leviss has to say. LVP shared that she did speak to Leviss’ people while she was in treatment to talk about her coming back. Much like Rachel said, it would be more of a one-on-one. LVP explained she just wanted to make sure she was in a good place, nothing more.

@realityops Omg. Lol. This is the most chaotic one I’ve seen. So interesting that she was goin to do a one-on-one with Raquel. I thought someone would, bur wasn’t thinking Lisa. But also, why does Lisa talk that way about Rachel, but not Sandoval??? Video via @TMZ #tmz #sandoval #tomsandoval #rachelleviss #fyp #tomschwartz #lisavanderpump #scandoval #bethennyfrankel #raquelleviss #vanderpumprules #vanderpumpseason11 #vpr #bravotv #bravoaddict #bravolebrities #interview #podcast ♬ original sound – RealityOps

She had also previously refuted the allegation that Rachel was not properly compensated. As Lisa Vanderpump was walking to one of her restaurants, she did also clarify that Tom Sandoval is not a producer this season. More so, she has no idea where this rumor even began. Plus, LVP noted that the show was successful before Rachel Leviss and will be just fine without her. She just wanted to give her a chance to speak after leaving the facility.

And The Toms…

As for Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, they were asked about how they felt about Rachel Leviss not returning. Of course, Sandoval looked bothered and had no comment. Then, Schwartz acted as if he had no idea and noted that he had other things on his mind. Furthermore, he said he feels like he’s on another planet. So, this is probably for the best.

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