Rachel Leviss Spills Truth On Real Friendship With Ariana

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Vanderpump Rules (alum) Rachel Leviss spilled the truth about her real friendship with Ariana Madix. The former pageant contestant appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Just B. There, she shared her side of the ‘Scandoval’ drama for the first time and answered all questions. So, what did she have to say about how close she and Madix actually were? More so, what was her relationship with Scheana Shay like? Read on for more details.

Rachel Leviss Spills Truth On Real Friendship With Ariana

For the first time since the Season 10 reunion, Rachel Leviss is speaking up and out. Since Bethenny Frankel, who is currently against Bravo, felt strongly about Rachel’s situation, she verbalized it. Frankel believed that Leviss should be compensated for the abuse she suffered while on Vanderpump Rules. Upon hearing that, Leviss’ people reached out to Bethenny and the two came together for Rachel’s first podcast. This is also the first time she has spoken since leaving the mental health facility she was in for 90 days.

Bethenny Frankel Interview [Tamron Hall Show | YouTube]
One issue that came up, clearly, was how friendships on reality shows can be heightened and skewed. So, Bethenny Frankel asked about Rachel Leviss and Ariana Madix’s friendship. It was branded that they were best friends and Leviss did the unthinkable by having an affair with Tom Sandoval. At the time, Sandoval and Ariana had been together for nearly a decade and even owned a home together. According to Rachel, she claims that she and Ariana were actually never best friends.

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She maintains that they were actually just acquaintances but that Ariana always encouraged her to go for what she wanted in life. Eventually, they did become friends but never “best friends” as it was portrayed. She also claims they never went out alone but rather always in groups, usually with Sandoval. They were seen going shopping and such alone but maybe that was just for the show? In any case, Rachel is adamant that this was not anything as serious as Bravo made it out to be.

What About Scheana?

It is already hard to believe that Rachel Leviss and Ariana Madix were not even close friends at best considering all of the cast considered them besties. Yet what about Scheana Shay who considered Rachel a little sister? Scheana claimed that she let Rachel live with her and that Leviss took advantage of this. Essentially, Shay was there when Rachel had broken up with James Kennedy and had nothing.

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Rachel is now saying that was highly exaggerated, she lived in Scheana’s LA apartment because she was in San Diego. No, she did not live rent-free as she took care of Scheana’s cat when she was filled with mercury. Plus, she did Scheana’s podcast for her which was the number one-rated podcast. It was more of a barter system but Rachel is alleging that Shay made it out to be that she was her savior when Leviss had nothing.

This was just part one so there is still more to come but what do you think so far? Do you believe the friendship revelations or is this just a way to justify Rachel Leviss’ behavior? Let us know in the comments below.

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