‘Sister Wives:’ Kody & Robyn Brown Setting Ariella Up For Failure?

Robyn Brown with her kids from YouTube - TLC

A flashback featured in the Sister Wives Season 18 Premiere had fans ripping Kody and Robyn Brown all over again. In fact, the scene had fans accusing Kody and Robyn of setting their daughter Ariella up for failure. What exactly was this flashback that triggered fans of the TLC series so much? Keep reading for the details.

‘Sister Wives:’ Kody & Robyn Brown Setting Ariella Up For Failure?

The Sister Wives flashback that has fans crucifying Robyn and Kody Brown featured their daughter Ariella in the kitchen with Meri. She had a pacifier in her mouth. And, fans were furious about it.

Ari and Sol - YouTube/TLC
Ari and Sol – YouTube/TLC

Unsurprisingly, fans took to social media in outrage when the flashback clip originally aired on the show. They were equally upset about it then. On X, formerly known as Twitter, many fans acknowledged the fact that it was a flashback. But, even in the flashback, they argued Ariella was far too old for a pacifier. Moreover, fans worried Robyn and Kody were setting her up for failure by trying to keep her as their baby for as long as possible.

Most fans speculate there is sadness for Kody and Robyn as Ariella grows older because they don’t have any babies anymore. So, they’ve allowed Ariella to do things, such as use a pacifier, for longer than medically recommended to keep ahold of their baby for a while longer.

According to The SunSister Wives fans were pretty quick to react to the flashback on multiple social media platforms. Fans noted it was “shameful parenting.” And, they were not setting Ariella up for a successful future by babying her.

When Should She Have Ditched The Pacifier?

According to Healthline, there is a preconceived notion that children should give up their pacifiers by the age of two. Statistically, most children do. There, however, is no medical reason why a child cannot continue to use a pacifier until the age of four or five. Per Healthline, it is medically important for the pacifier to go before a child’s adult teeth start coming in to prevent them from coming in properly.

With some children, however, pacifiers may need to go earlier if they hinder the child’s ability to speak.

Technically, fans haven’t seen Ariella yet this season. So, they have no idea if she, at seven years old, is still using a pacifier or not. Moreover, critical fans have no idea what Robyn and Kody may have discussed with Ariella’s doctor and/or dentist about the pacifier. Sister Wives fans, however, don’t really think about that. And, will continue to pass judgment on every aspect of Kody and Robyn’s parenting techniques.

Do you understand why this flashback got fans of Sister Wives so upset? Are fans overreacting because the clip was just a recap from an older episode? Or, are they right to criticize Kody and Robyn Brown? Share your thoughts on how fans reacted to this scene in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives update as new episodes of Season 18 continue to air.

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