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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Glosses Over BIG Problem With Ariella?

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Kody Brown’s interaction with his youngest child — Ariella — during last week’s episode of Sister Wives only further strengthened fans’ arguments that the TLC father only hears what he wants to hear. On Reddit, one fan — who was very transparent about having no parenting experience — admitted they were floored at how Kody interpreted Ariella’s first day of school.

Kody Brown hears what he wants to hear

Kody and Robyn Brown receive a message from the teacher about Ari’s first day of school. The parents learn that Ari was a really great helper because of how much she tried to help a sad child in her class. Kody and Robyn revealed they were told Ariella followed a sad child around the classroom today and forced a friendship upon her. Kody thought it was great that his daughter was great that she was trying to make her peer feel included and even considered her a hero.

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On Reddit, fans think Kody misinterpreted the situation. One fan was quick to point out that the first day of school is hectic. And, a busy teacher would never take the time to send a message to parents to tell them about how helpful or good a child was. Fans believed the teacher was trying to tell Kody and Robyn that their daughter was being overbearing with one of the other students. Fans suspected the teacher was just trying to word it in a friendly way. And, this caused Kody to take the email in the entirely wrong direction.

One fan penned: “I doubt a teacher on a busy first day of school would message parents about their kid being a good helper; that’s probably 75% of a class. They would more likely message if your kid was harassing a child to the point where they felt sad or it was that obvious.”

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“Agreed. The teacher definitely tried wording it politely that ‘your daughter is a bit too much and tho she might be attempting to befriend someone but needs to learn limits.’ I mean she didn’t attend preschool clearly, bc she was holed up in the covid McMansion learning zero social skills,” another fan chimed in.

One fan noted it was an interesting example of how Kody only hears what he wants to hear and often interprets things wrong.

Do you think Kody brown misunderstood the situation? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Of course he interpreted that as positive he said how proud he is of her.
    And ariella said the girl was running away from her. I was more shocked by why she said she was running from her. Think she has been in the presence of too many adult conversations

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