Did Robyn & Kody Brown Trash Talk Christine To Ariella?

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, fans saw Kody Brown accusing Christine of manipulating his older children against him. However, it seems like he and Robyn Brown are the ones who have been feeding their younger children with hatred for Christine. Some fans seem to think that Kody and Robyn have been turning Ariella against Christine. Why do fans think this? Keep reading to find out!

Ariella Picks Up On Robyn And Kody Brown’s Words

After Ariella returns from school, she recounts an incident that happened at school. However, fans felt it was a reflection of what she is being taught at home by her parents. In her confessional, the 6-year-old reveals how a friend of hers was a bit mad at something she did. However, the way she described the incident seemed more like Kody and Robyn’s words.

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Talking about her comment, fans took to Reddit as the OP wrote, “Ari’s comment made my mouth drop open. She glommed onto another kid and annoyed the other child, but due to her lack of understanding about boundaries didn’t quite understand why the other girl didn’t like it. Kody asked her nicely if she was being a ‘pest’, which Robyn shushed him for and told him to be nice.”

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Ariella explained the incident as:

“Well, she was a tiny bit mad because I am engaged to someone and she had a man but he cut her off. Breaking up, yeah.”

Did Kody Brown Cut Christine Off His Life?

Fans feel that Ariella learned it from Kody who must have described his separation from Christine as cutting her off. This is a perfect example of how kids see and hear a lot more in their house than their parents realize.

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Agreeing with the OP, another Sister Wives fan wrote, “I thought this too!!! I was like what in the world is happening in this child’s brain???? And what is she absorbing at home to make her think like this?!?”

“He cut her off- I had to rewind to make sure I heard correctly. They discuss something in front of those children that they should not hear. It’s maddening to watch those two being allowed to raise children,” said the third Reddit user seemingly puzzled at Ariella’s statement.

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A fourth user quipped, “Christine needs to ask ‘have you been talking to the minor children about me?”

Kody Accuses Christine Of Alienating Him From His Kids

The entire season, Kody has been running around stating that his relationship with his older children is strained because of Christine. He even accused her of alienating him from his kids. Although Christine denied doing so, Kody was convinced that this was the case. However, fans could easily see the irony of the situation after Ariella explained her friend’s breakup with her boyfriend as “cut her off.”

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Do you think Kody and Robyn trash-talk Christine to Ariella? Or does she simply pick up bits and pieces from their conversation in the house? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Children often repeat what they often hear grown ups say. Now it is coming back to bite Sobyn and dumb ass in the ass. Sobyn always says that. Her and butt don’t discuss what goes on between the other wives and him. Make up your mind and stop telling on your self Sobyn.

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