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‘SW’: Kody & Robyn Brown Aiming For Their Own Spin-Off?

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After Christine Brown revealed that she might be open to her own TLC spinoff, fans think Kody and Robyn Brown are attempting the same. For the longest, Sister Wives fans have seen Kody’s biased love for his obedient wife and their five special kids. He is seen promoting his kids on camera stating how special they are, something he never did with his older children. Why do fans think that they are ringing TLC’s bell for a spinoff series? Here is everything you need to know!

Kody Brown Claims Ariella Is A Helpful Child

In the latest Sister Wives episode, Kody was seen claiming that Ariella is the kid he is proud of, subtly dissing his older kids. After Solomon and Ariella returned from school, the complete family came out to greet them and sat outside discussing what transpired throughout the day at the school. Talking to the camera, Kody mentioned that Ariella’s teacher called them, stating how good she is as she helped cheer up a sad friend in her school.

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However, fans believe that the story wasn’t what the Browns portrayed it to be. Apparently, she was invading the student’s space. Given how young she is, it is clear that she doesn’t know what personal space is. Although she tried to be welcoming, her friend didn’t perceive it the same way.

Robyn Brown Scuffs At Kody’s ‘Pest’ Remark

Kody gently noted she can be a bit overwhelming and asked her if she was being a pest. However, Robyn scuffed at Kody’s remarks and shushed him before he could continue.

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Solomon and Ariella also got to talk on camera in their confessional. This is where Ari revealed that her friend was sad because her boyfriend cut her off. Fans speculate that these words “cut her off” couldn’t have been a brainchild of a six-year-old. They suspect this is something Robyn and Kody talk about when discussing Christine at home.

Fans Think A Kody & Robyn Spinoff Isn’t Possible

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans pointed out the irony of how the couple is trying to build narratives that would guarantee they get a spinoff. However, they are repulsed by the thought of allowing cameras in their home. So, even if TLC plans a spinoff, would they all film outside?

“Grody and Sobyn’s shameless attempt for their own show,” wrote the OP with a picture of the family sitting outside by the door.

“Nah. They’d never let them film in their house,” claimed another.

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“That is so bizarre. I mean, even here, everyone comes outside. What is Sobbyn so afraid of? Her hoard?” questioned the third user.

A fourth argued, “Precisely. They could never carry a show because they don’t allow any real filming and the only filming they do allow is orchestrated bullshit like this.”

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Do you think a spinoff series would be a future possibility for Robyn and Kody? Plus, what is the real reason Robyn doesn’t allow TLC to film inside the house? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC!

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  1. I wouldn’t watch a Cody and Robin show. He is an Ass and she is as fake as as can be. She always looks like she is going to cry because none of the others understand her. The problem is that they all understand her.

    I have no idea why Meri puts up with Cody. He treats her like dirt now that he has his younger and favorite wife. I am so glad that Christine left him and can’t wait to her that Janelle has left him too. He hasn’t been a husband to either of them for years. His ego just can’t blame anyone but the wives for the crap he does.

  2. agree, will not watch a “ROBIN” crying show, o boo hoo, I’m stuck with his old ass now. Robin would take him , but he don’t like catfish 🙄

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why ANY of them would want to be with Kody in the first place, YUCK. Also, why would anybody want to be in a plural marriage to begin with????

  4. No i will not watch there show!!Cody & Robin did the other wives dirty.The show went down hill awhile ago when Cody started blaming 3 of his wife`s.Your to blame Cody for not giving attention to your others wives only Robin.! she didn`t need a nanny or a million dollar house.Sorry everyone new what was coming.Shame on you both.You did not give it your all and you know it.

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