Robyn Brown Scolds Kody For Poor Word Choice With Ariella

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Robyn Brown was not happy with Kody this week. Most of the time, she was crying over the way her former sister wife, Christine treated her. Then, it was the first day of school for the Brown children. That meant that their youngest child, Ariella would be headed into a classroom for the first time. However, it was when she got home that the real trouble began and Kody called Ari a name that Robyn did not care for. What was it? Read on for more.

Robyn Brown Scolds Kody For Calling Ariella A “Bad” Word

On her first day of kindergarten, Ari came home to report about her day. Apparently, she was invading another student’s space. Though she was trying to be welcoming, it was not necessarily perceived that way. She did try to cheer someone up, which was appreciated for someone so young. However, Kody noted that she can be a bit much and asked if she was being a pest. Robyn did not take kindly to him calling her such a word.

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It was clear that he was playing with his little girl but Robyn is very sensitive with words. So, she was not at all happy with his verbiage. Due to how this had been filmed, it is unclear how close the meeting with Christine was to that day. Robyn could still have been reeling from the fact that her former sister wife asked for distance from both her and Meri. Once she moves to Utah, she said she would only stay close to Janelle. Yet, for the time being, it was best for her to be away from all of the drama.

The Last One Gone

It was an extra emotionally draining day for Kody and Robyn Brown. This was the last time that they were bringing a child to kindergarten. Hence, it was the official last first day of school for a child of theirs. This hit Kody especially hard being that Ariella is his eighteenth child and he will never have any more kids. Though Robyn has brought up more kids in the past, it looks like they may be done at this point. Unless he brings in another wife.

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At this point, Robyn has mentioned that they need to rebuild and they are down a wife. Janelle seems to be only staying with Kody simply to find a way to leave something to her child. Finally, Meri is holding on with some hope however she is admittedly traveling almost all of the time. So, it is really just Kody and Robyn for now. If they want a true plural family, they will need another wife who is involved and active.

Do you think that will happen? More so, do you think Robyn Brown overreacted at the usage of the word “pest” or was her frustration validated? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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