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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Finally Realize Why Robyn Brown Loves Kody

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Sister Wives fans have long wondered why Robyn Brown is madly in love with Kody. From her first episode, she declared that he was her soul mate. Yet, he has shown that he is rude and a narcissist. Up until this season, it appeared that he doted over Robyn and her five kids. Then, Christine revealed that she was leaving him and the family. Kody started taking his anger out on Robyn since his primary residence was her home. This begs the question of why she loves him so much. Now, eagle-eyed fans think that they have finally figured out why she loves him so much. Read on for details.

Sister Wives Fans RealizeWhy Robyn Brown Loves Kody

This is not Robyn’s first marriage. Prior to Kody, she was married to David Jessop. Together, they had three children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. She alleges that the relationship was abusive and that is why she left. Plus, she wanted to be polygamous but they never took on more wives. Therefore, she noted that she had many opportunities but the Brown family offered all that she wanted. Plus, fans believe she liked Kody because he was very similar to her ex in the looks department.

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They took to Reddit to share a side-by-side photo of the two men and it really is uncanny. Back when Kody used to blow out his hair straight, they could have been brothers or cousins. Additionally, they have the same facial hair. “Robyn’s EX: I’ve never seen a pic of him before. Now I know why she’s madly in love with Krody,” the thread started. Another added: “I thought he was Brody’s cousin this the resemblance.”

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Someone pointed the traits out that made them similar: “It’s the Neanderthal brow and curly main that makes them twins.” Redditors noted that it is clear Robyn has a type. They also wondered if she attempted to morph Kody into her ex at some point. Finally, one person did think that David was actually better looking than Kody. It’s a very close call.

Relatively Close?

As it turns out, Robyn Brown actually married cousins which is why they may look strangely similar. Kody and David are third cousins which was pointed out in another Reddit thread. Furthermore, Christine and David are first cousins so the familial ties are very close. So, if anyone has a particular type, it is definitely Robyn. She may have disliked her ex-husband’s behavior but she clearly loved his physicality hence why she loves Kody.

Do you see the similarities between the two men? Does it make sense now why Robyn Brown is head over heels for him now? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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