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Robyn & Kody Brown Emotional On Ariella’s First Day Of School

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Robyn and Kody Brown were visibly emotional on Ariella’s first day of school. The tot started kindergarten and it hit the couple very hard. Much harder than they would have expected. For Kody, the day had extremely special meaning, this being his eighteenth child to have their first day of school. So, what made it so emotional for Kody and Robyn? Read on for more details.

Robyn & Kody Brown Get Emotional On Ari’s First Day

With the pandemic, nothing had been normal in terms of schooling. Robyn and Kody’s children had been doing remote learning. Now, it was the first day of school. That meant Solomon was heading going back to class for the first time in a year while Ariella had never been in grammar school. She is the youngest of Kody’s eighteen children and was beginning kindergarten. They realized, when they dropped her off, that it was the last first day of kindergarten for any of their children.

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Kody then reflected on all of his children’s first days of school. It hit him that he would never again have a first such as this again. The same with Robyn. Her five children had been launched in some capacity and it seemed like they were whistful for more kids. Though it appears that this ship has sailed despite Robyn bringing up the spirit children she had wanted. She noted that, after she dropped Ari off, she and Kody both were in the car. They immediately felt emotional over their little girl being in kindergarten.

Discarding His Other Children

Kody Brown was called out by his daughter, Truely a few years back. She noticed that the way he doted on Ariella was the way he once was when she was little. Prior to Ari’s birth, Truely was his youngest daughter. Yet, according to Christine’s account, he never made much of an effort to be present in their children’s lives. Furthermore, he did not even know how old Truely and Ysabel were. At Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party, he thought she was seventeen.

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During a discussion with Christine about talking to Truely about the divorce, he referred to her as ten when in reality, she was eleven. He also always said he had to rush back home to be with his youngest kids, meaning Sol and Ari. Technically, Truely is just one year older than Sol so she should have gotten the same treatment. There are a lot of disparities when it comes to the kids but this might explain why there is so much dissension between Kody and his older children.

Do you understand why Kody and Robyn got so emotional on Ari’s first day? Do you think this might open the door to them having more children? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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