‘Sister Wives’: How Old Are Solomon & Ariella?

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown treat their youngest kids Solomon and Ariella Brown like they are still babies. This has been pretty evident in the latest season that Kody prefers his children with Robyn as opposed to the ones with his other three wives. He treats his other kids like throwaways while some of them like Truely are practically the same age as Solomon. So, how old exactly are Solomon and Ariella Brown? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sister Wives Star Solomon Brown Soon Turns 11

Back in April 2011, Kody and Robyn announced that they were pregnant with Solomon. However, at one point during the pregnancy, their midwife couldn’t find a heartbeat causing them to worry that she has miscarried the child.

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However, the couple later revealed that everything was fine and Solomon was born on October 26, 2011. This makes him 10 years old with his birthday coming up soon. On the other hand, Kody and Robyn’s youngest child, Ariella Brown was born on January 10, 2016. She is currently 6 years old.

Does Kody Wish For Truely To Get Her Own Place Soon?

Talking about Kody’s hypocrisy towards his children, a Sister Wives fan took to the Reddit forum. They wrote, “Why do Kody and Robyn treat Sol and Ari like if they are still 3 and 4… I bet he didn’t spend as much time with all the rest or even Truely like he does with those two.”

Agreeing with the OP, a Reddit user added, “Solomon is f**k**g 18 months younger than Truely. And somehow he’s a baby and she’s a little adult. Wild.”

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“He’s tender-aged. Truely best be getting her own place soon,” quipped another.

A third claimed, “Part of me wonders if there is a tiny part of Kody that recognizes he failed his ‘other’ kids on some level and thinks Sol and Ari are his last chance to have a great relationship with his kids into and through adulthood. The blatant favoritism is atrocious, Kody should be ashamed.”

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Talking about Kody’s high and mighty attitude, a fourth user chimed in, “There is no part of Kody that thinks he’s ever failed at anything. There’s probably a part of him who thinks his wives have alienated his older children from him and Robyn would never do that. So, he’s closer to her kids who she’s trained to adore him.”

Sister Wives Fans Bash Kody & Robyn For Neglecting Ariella

However, earlier in March 2022, fans bashed Kody and Robyn for neglecting Ariella. In a picture posted by Meri Brown, Ariella had unkempt hair which seemed like a testament to how she isn’t cared for by her parents. However, it looks like things have taken a 360-degree turn ever since Christine decided she didn’t wish to be a part of Kody’s life anymore.

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What do you think of the Brown family patriarch’s biased behavior towards his children? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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