‘Sister Wives:’ Ariella & Solomon Brown Have Unexpected Tiny Guest

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Robyn and Kody Brown’s children Ariella and Solomon had an unexpected tiny guest drop in to see them recently. The two had huge smiles on their face as they enjoyed the company of their unexpected visitor. Who dropped by to see these adorable little ones? Turns out, it was someone that doesn’t even live in Flagstaff!

It was Mykelti Padron who shocked Sister Wives fans sharing a photo of her daughter Avalon sandwiched between Solomon and Ariella on an air mattress. Mykelti joked in the caption of her photo that the air mattress was slowly deflating under the children.

Ariella and Solomon Brown enjoy surprise guest

Both Solomon and his sister Ariella had huge smiles on their face as they stretched out on an air mattress. Baby Avalon was chilling in between her aunt and uncle. She was rocking a Wonder Woman outfit that fans absolutely adored.

The second photo attached to the post seemed to be a more “real photo”. Solomon was no longer looking at the camera, focused on his video game. Avalon was enamored by her aunt Ariella. Ariella had a huge open-mouth smile on her face with both hands holding onto baby Avalon. Fans know Ariella is used to being the baby of the family. She oozed with joy as she relished in having someone smaller looking up to her.

Mykelti Padron with Robyn Brown
Mykelti Padron with Robyn Brown

Brown and Padron children warmed the hearts of fans

In the comments, Sister Wives fans admit these two photos warmed their hearts. Fans seriously question if Robyn Brown has a relationship with anyone outside of Kody and her children. So, it was refreshing and a bit shocking to see Mykelti and baby Avalon hanging out with Ariella and Solomon.

Mykelti did explain to fans in the comments of the post that she and Avalon had traveled to Flagstaff to visit with their family for a bit. Fans thought it was sweet that Mykelti Padron found time for her younger siblings. And, they loved distance not stopping Avalon from being with family.

Did this photo featuring Ariella, Solomon, and Avalon surprise you? Do you think Avalon enjoyed playing with her aunt and uncle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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