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Christine Brown Says Sun Rises & Sets On Robyn

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Christine Brown has been very open about Kody’s favoritism toward his fourth wife, Robyn. In essence, if Christine had a beyond-perfect relationship with that sister wife, her marriage would be better. There could have been intimacy. However, she tried as hard as she could but there were so many underlying issues that it ultimately broke her. In a previous episode of Sister Wives, Christine made a comment about Robyn that was further proven in the latest episode. Is there any validity to it? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Claims The Sun Rises & Sets On Robyn

Both Christine and Kody’s second wife, Janelle know they have a different relationship with him than Robyn does. She is in a functioning marriage with Kody. He is with her the majority of the time though they claim it is for specific reasons. First off, he alleges that she is his “obedient” wife. Plus, Kody notes that her five children follow all of his pandemic protocols perfectly. The kids who are still in school are not going back into a classroom when they open up.

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Now, in the most recent episode, Janelle and Kody had gone to get her RV. However, he was in such a rush to get back to Flagstaff so that he could get Covid tested. He claimed he could not be away from his youngest children for that long. Those kids he was referring to was Solomon and Ariella, Robyn’s “babies.” He never once refers to getting back to Truely who was only eleven at the time. She is fairly close in age to Sol and still needs her father around. Yet, it is primarily always about Robyn’s family and their needs.

The Nanny

Keep in mind, Kody also always had a nanny for Robyn, something that Christine Brown had called him out for. This is something that has always been unnecessary in plural families. Usually, the mothers take care of each other’s children. This was the case with Christine and Janelle back in the Lehi, Utah home. Since Janelle worked twelve-hour days, Christine was the one who was always there as the core homemaker and they liked it that way.

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Janelle admitted she preferred to be outside of the home and has always given credit to her sister wife. This is why her children are so close to Christine. Kody has claimed that Christine was never as mothering with Robyn’s kids as she was with Janelle’s. This makes some sense since they never lived in one home together. Plus, as aforementioned, Robyn always had a nanny to help. It is also hard to be around for a woman who is being favored by your husband. Kody has also always put Robyn’s kids before his with Christine’s so that is another serious problem.

Do you think Christine Brown’s comment about Robyn is accurate? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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    1. Meri & Janelle should jump on the moving train with Christine and get the heck out while they can. Kody wants only Robyn then get a job to support your ” they need me” family. He only wants them to stay cause they are the money makers.

  1. he definitely favors Robyn and her kids. he said that in a previous episode in the past that robyn would be mad if he didn’t get back to her but he didn’t care if his other wives and children want time with him. for some reason he only focuses on Robyn. maybe now that he’s older he only wants one wife and has chosen her. he can’t satisfy all of them anymore

    1. they all should leave him ..who will be next when he finds another younger wife ? Robyn? The other wives but Meri are pretty much gone or going

  2. Kody is legally married to Robyn. if he died tomorrow Robyn owes nothing to the other women he not legally married too. I really wish Meri take her tale to the B&B cause she as once important to Kody but never again. kody got what he wanted for over 25 years. He could have sex with four dumb women and be happy.He found his true love which is Robyn. soon wife number 2 will have to move off the land. She has nothing holding her back

  3. Christine was used to being #1 wife for years until Robyn came along. She was used to having Kody do what she wanted done. She didn’t get along with Meri and was pushing her out. The truth is Meri loves Kody and would do anything for him including divorcing him. Christine leaving will only have Kody look for another one to bring into his fold.

  4. i feel sad for meri she’s staying somewhere she’s not wanted. Also they might as well get ready because robin is all he want and it makes the other (so) called wives look stupid. Good for christine for leaving

  5. He has pimp ways remember when he drove around in his two seater Lexus wining and dining Robin I think he only got into that type of marriage because he’s lazy and don’t wanna work so he’s like a pimp to me they need to tell him to go pound sand and make his butt pay child support.

  6. kody is full of shit. he wants no one but Robyn. he cares about no one but Robyn. he couldn’t even focus on helping Janelle get moved because he was to worried bout getting back to Robyn. still using, “the little kids don’t do good when he’s not there” line is BS! them kids is way to old they are not babies. sol is 10. ari is like 6/7 now. but also truly is 11 what’s the difference. he never was constantly there for truly like Robyn kids. just like why truly can’t come back &visit at meri r/ Janelle house ??? hell Meri house is empty. she wouldn’t have to make room. she’s already got it & I know she wouldn’t mind. same as Janelle who also helped raise them weather she’s in the trailer r/not. it’s bs! like who told Robyn it was okay for her to fstow bout kody even helping Janelle get the trailer &stuff together. like who are you lady??? if it wasn’t for Meri you wouldn’t have the marriage r/anything else. she did it bacause she liked you, because she wanted to help y’all. not for you to think you in control of everything r/for you to try to act like he only belongs to you huny! Janelle, mi girl, you betta dip on his ass like Christine. because he was &is still tryna put you Christine &mi girl Meri in the same box &once again no one matters but Robyn &her kids. Ive been watching the show since forever, I’ve went back & benched watched from season 1, episode 1. he has totally changed on them women &kids. he’s definitely not the same kody he was by far. &I myself, im just about to stop watching the show on Sundays because it pisses me off how he tries to make everyone else the blame. ol’ wack a** lil boii

  7. I’m super proud of Christine for being firm in her decision to leave, Kody needs to wise up and take a look at himself, he always says the wives treat each other bad but they talk soft while he is always snarling.

  8. merit speak like she has no sense that man does not need her he get the divorce and that all he wanted to sit there and said that you up set with Christine is beyond norm look how he is treating you by passing you won’t even acknowledge time for you to do like Christine you hame one child you have nothing to loose.

  9. Kody is like a guy with 3 ex-wives and a current wife. He only has a functional marriage with Robyn. Do I blame her? No. He’s the one who has made the decision of how the relationship with each woman will go. And he is the parent. Using any excuse to explain his lack of attention given to any one’s children except Robin’s. He had completely failed as a spokesperson for plural marriage.

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