‘Pump Rules’ Fans Call Rachel Leviss’ Bluff On No-Pay Claim

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Vanderpump Rules fans are calling Rachel Leviss’ bluff when it comes to her no-pay claim. She is trying to portray this narrative that she has not seen a penny from ‘Scandoval’ and its subsequent fallout. Yet, her cast has gone on to profit which is not necessarily fair in her eyes. Now, is this actually the truth? Was she really left as broke as she claims? Read on for more details.

Pump Rules Fans Call Rachel Leviss’ Bluff On No-Pay Claim

There is no denying that once ‘Scandoval’ broke, Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules raked in the ratings. Thus, it made Bravo a lot of money. Rachel Leviss became the villain in the whole scenario for having an affair with the longtime boyfriend of her “best friend.” Along with Tom Sandoval, he and Leviss were the two most hated people on Bravo for their infidelity and betrayal toward Ariana Madix. Sandoval kept going after the explosive Season 10 reunion whereas Leviss went to a mental health facility. She has since left after 90 days and is now speaking out on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Just B.

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Essentially, Rachel Leviss is insinuating that everyone else made bank while she has been left broke. Fans are now questioning how true this is. First off, Lisa Vanderpump spoke to TMZ and revealed Leviss’ salary. She openly said that Rachel was very well compensated and made 361K. An insider then confirmed Rachel did make 350K+ for Season 10 alone which would amount to roughly 20K per episode. This goes along with a very confused Reddit thread that was started where she claimed she has not seen any money.

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The OP noted that Rachel made over 350K even though she was really not a primary character until ‘Scandoval.’ They added that: “There was no ‘has scandalous affair’ bonus in your contract.” Finally, they pointed out how Ariana Madix only made extra money from the scandal through endorsement deals, not from the network. Obviously, no one expected Rachel to be a part of something like this and it definitely drew in audiences. However, her lack of accountability may have been where she lost any and all credibility.

Less Than An Intern

Fans were taken aback when Bethenny Frankel stated that Rachel Leviss made less than one of her interns. Then, it was revealed her salary and it seemed pretty decent. “There’s no f**king way b is paying her interns over 350k. It’s bethenny being hyperbolic as usual,” one Redditor commented. In a twist, Rachel did not get paid for Bethenny’s podcast. So, for Bethenny to talk about Bravo using their stars and then not compensating them when she did the same with Rachel seems hypocritical.

Are you surprised at how much Rachel Leviss actually made for Season 10? Do you think she would have made more had she returned for Season 11? Finally, should Bethenny have paid her for the podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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