Tom Sandoval Still Holding Onto Relationship With Rachel Leviss?

Rachel Leviss, Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Is Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval still holding onto his relationship with Rachel Leviss? Despite the fact that it looks like he may have moved on, his heart might belong to his ex. The two had a long affair and may have only been halted because she went to a mental health treatment facility. So, what clue is there that Tom has not gotten over Rachel? Read on for more details.

Tom Sandoval Still Holding Onto Relationship With Rachel Leviss?

For seven months, Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss kept each other their dirty little secret. At the same time, she was kissing his best friend, Tom Schwartz. Plus, he had a longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix, who was also Rachel’s best friend. Some of the cast started to catch on that Sandoval and Leviss were more than friends. Yet, Ariana defended her no matter what as she loved her like a sister. The same went for Scheana Shay even though the clues were blazing. Once the truth was exposed, it seemed like Sandoval and Rachel might never be able to come back from this disaster.

Tom Sandoval/Pump Rules/YouTube
Tom Sandoval/Pump Rules/YouTube

Tom Sandoval has been filming Season 11 while Rachel Leviss got out of treatment after production began. Unfortunately for those who wanted her back, it does not look like she will be returning though that could all change. As for Sandoval, he did miss a few days of production to film another reality show, Special Forces. A gaggle of reality stars will be competing and according to TMZ, Tom’s co-star, Nick Viall spilled some tea.

Nick Viall/YouTube
Nick Viall-YouTube

On the Thursday, August 3rd episode of his podcast, The Viall Files, Nick shares that Tom Sandoval brought a little something extra with him. Allegedly, he had photos of himself with Rachel which was completely against the rules. Additionally, Nick explained that, if it was allowed, he would have brought snaps of himself and his fiancee. Lastly, Nick did note that Tom was parading the pics of him and Leviss around and it actually looked like he cared for her. This was something Viall wanted to be known.

Is There A Chance?

Last everyone knew, Rachel Leviss was still in Arizona upon exiting the mental health facility. She has given her dog, Graham away and he now happily living with her ex-fiance, James Kennedy. It also appeared that Tom Sandoval was dating someone that Scheana knew. However, from what Nick Viall has said, it looks like he still very much cares for Rachel unless that is just the character he is trying to portray.

Do you think that Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss will find their way back to each other? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m sure he’ll find his way back to her bedroom…as far as anything more , that’s anyone’s guess. She isn’t the brightest girl on the block-lolol. She calls it Love but wait until it starts to get boring. Then we’ll see. She’s a 28 year old nobody.

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