Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Match Me Abroad’ On Tonight?

Harold Davis-Match Me Abroad-YouTube

Why isn’t a new episode of Match Me Abroad on tonight? Last week’s episode ended on an open-ended note so it seemed like maybe this week there would be a tell-all or a reunion. Unfortunately, the show that fans have come to love is not in the queue on TLC. So, where is it, and more so, when will it return? Read on for more details.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of Match Me Abroad On Tonight?

After weeks of up-and-down matches, some good and some atrocious, it was time for the Match Me Abroad cast to come home. Harold did give Michaela the engagement ring he bought for her but maintained that it was just a memento. She maintained she wanted to come visit him in America and he stayed hopeful. More so, Harold left confident and a changed man. Chad just left angry as he wanted his match to commit after the second date. His matchmaker, Juan encouraged him to apologize but Chad has some other things he may need to work out before he dates again.

Susan-Match Me Abroad-YouTube
Susan-Match Me Abroad-YouTube

Susan returned home and has been chatting with her final match, awaiting his visit to NYC. However, she has kept her options open and met another man from overseas. So, she is moving forward. Stanika Banks came back home, as well but she and Noureddine still have their video chats. She wants to come to Morocco and he is interested in seeing her life in America it’s just a lot of money and logistics. Mark did not get what he wanted at all but is still on a mission but not with Nina as his matchmaker in any capacity.

Nathaly-Match Me Abroad-YouTube
Nathaly-Match Me Abroad-YouTube

Nathaly had no luck on Match Me Abroad and only got two dates from Juan with one guy standing her up on their second date. Luckily, she stayed longer in Colombia and had an amazing time. Finally, Michelle met her match on her final date which happened to be on her last night in Prague. Pavol was so sweet and she seems to want to head back. So, will viewers get a reunion tonight? No because the season is sadly over but what will be in its place and when will it return?

Airing Instead…

This week, in the place of Match Me Abroad, will be allegedly the season premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort. It is not scheduled to actually air until August 14th so this could be a mistake. However, this is what TLC’s website is saying. Yet, it will only be for one week. Come next Sunday, August 20th will be the return of Sister Wives, Season 18 so that should be incredibly exciting. As for whether there will be a Season 2 of MMA, that is yet to be seen but the popularity was there. So, it is quite likely that it will return if viewers have their way.

Are you sad that the season is over? Yet, are you happy Sister Wives is back? Let us know in the comments below.

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