Harold Davis Shares Untold Stories That Were Not Aired

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Match Me Abroad star Harold Davis has been keeping in touch with the fans after the season finale. He received a lot of support due to the positivity he brings. It’s also reported that the newest dating show became one of the highest viewership ratings on TLC this year. However, it seems he has something to say about how his storyline was filmed.

Match Me Abroad: Harold Davis Shares When The Show Was Filmed

Harold took to social media to share a series of stories about the first season of Match Me Abroad. According to the reality TV personality, the show was filmed a year ago, and a lot has happened off camera. However, he’s eager to share all the things that have happened over the last year and eight months, including those that weren’t featured. “Some behind the scenes some confession images, good times with the crew, Michaela in the hospital, lunch with the crew then going back to my hotel room,” he added. The autistic artist also said that he wanted fans to stay updated as the show ended with “many unknowns.”

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Harold Shares Untold Stories

In an Instagram post, Harold Davis shared a lengthy message talking about some of the things that weren’t told during the reality show. According to the Match Me Abroad star, a scene between him and Michaela’s “long goodbye” location wasn’t shown. He also said he was filmed during his time at the train station on the way to Prague, but it was never revealed in any of the episodes. The TLC star added having a conversation with his matchmaker, Katarina, about his final thoughts on everything that had happened.

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Match Me Abroad: Harold Davis Taking Action To Help Michaela

Many Match Me Abroad fans were saddened when they learned about Michaela’s condition. She previously said on Instagram that she’s been undergoing chemotherapy to beat cancer. And recently, Harold took action by encouraging his followers to donate to her fundraising program. He also revealed that they’re no longer together at this point and that they’re just friends. But he deeply loves her and wants to do anything to help her.

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Additionally, Harold Davis told a fan he was interested in paying her a visit again. Michaela hasn’t been active on social media, even during the reality show. But her previous posts show that she’s been participating in cosplay events and doing yoga sessions amid her recovery.

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