Michaela & Harold Davis Fly To The US For Season 2?

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Match Me Abroad star Harold Davis is making his final moves as the show comes to a close. Many were surprised about how he’s been rushing things, including Michaela and their matchmaker, Katarina. But it seems that the autistic artist doesn’t want to waste any time. Recently, TLC released a teaser moments before the finale, and the 41-year-old man may have won the season.

Match Me Abroad: Michaela Felt Things Were Rushed

Harold asked Michaela if she wanted to be his girlfriend on the 12th episode of Match Me Abroad. However, the woman from the Czech Republic thinks they need to get to know each other a little better. This stopped his plans to propose and spend the night with her even though she made it clear that she enjoys being with him. As they move toward the end of the season, time is running out. However, it looks like their last date brought some changes.

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Did Michaela Finally Say Yes?

TLC just dropped a new teaser for the season finale of Match Me Abroad. It shows Harold and his date having a nice chat. Michaela thinks he has “potential” and that he could become her boyfriend. The New Mexico native smiled at what she said. Moments later, he took off his ring and gave it to the Czech woman. She was shocked at first, but then she said “Hello, America,” which may be a sign that she’s finally going to say yes.

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Match Me Abroad: Michaela & Harold Davis Might Make Season 2 Possible

Harold said in the latest sneak peek that he only has a few days left in Prague, and he doesn’t want to leave with a big “what if” hanging over his head. In the summary of Episode 13, it says the two “must decide on their future.” There are speculations that their plot could be a set-up for a later season. Some of the show’s other couples may also end their season with a cliffhanger, such as Stanika and Noureddine, who will both try to navigate their long-distance relationship.

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Harold Davis and Michaela quickly became a popular TLC couple. Match Me Abroad also became one of the network’s top reality shows this year. Will TLC give them more opportunities in the future?

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