‘Match Me Abroad’: Is Harold Davis The Same Nice Guy In Real Life?

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Match Me Abroad has already gained a large audience due to its interesting cast. One of them is Harold Davis, who doesn’t let his autism get in his way of finding love. The 41-year-old is also passionate about science and the arts. However, he’s more interested in finding the love of his life in Prague, Czech Republic. The latest TLC star has also won over many people with his positive attitude and kind personality. Recently, a fan shared their accidental conversation with the reality star, and it seems he is the same as he is on TV.

Match Me Abroad: How Are Michaela & Harold Davis?

Things are getting more interesting between Harold and Michaela in Match Me Abroad. The New Mexico native has had a few rough episodes. He revealed that he and his girlfriend have been off since she went back home. But in the most recent episode, Davis showed he wasn’t going to give up. He brought an engagement ring with him when he went to see his girlfriend. Though it looks like not everyone is excited about what he has planned. Katarina, who set them up, said she worries that he will rush into things.

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Fan Shares Cute Conversation With Harold

A fan on Reddit shared their accidental conversation with Match Me Abroad star Harold Davis. The user claimed they sent him a recipe video that was meant for a group of people by mistake. But the poster said he answered in a very “Harold” way. The artist said that the clip was cool, but cooking doesn’t interest him. Even so, he wrote nice things about the video and said he liked the music. Some Reddit users shared their thoughts about the wholesome conversation.

Harold Davis Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit
  • “Thank you for posting in this sub because nobody on any of the 90 Day shows right now would respond this nicely to a random video they didn’t care about,” one user said.
  • “It was thoughtful and courteous of him to reply,” another commenter added.

Match Me Abroad: Harold Davis Living His Best Life In Prague

Harold has also been active on his Instagram account. He enjoys interacting with his growing number of followers. The Match Me Abroad star recently posted about his trips to Prague, including some clips from a LEGO museum and toy stores. He also teased the fans after uploading a picture of his engagement ring as well as images from behind the scenes while they were filming.

Match Me Abroad Harold Michaela Instagram
Photo Credit: @harolddavisii Instagram

Harold Davis’ positivity has been contagious. Even though he and Michaela don’t speak the same language and are from different cultures, many fans still cheer and hope that things will work out for them.

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