‘Match Me Abroad’: Stanika Clashes With Her Date’s Family

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Stanika Banks took a big risk heading to Morocco to find love on Match Me Abroad. Her matchmaker, Nina set her up with her ideal man, Noureddine, on her first date. Her second man was less than ideal so she is laser-focused on being with Noureddine. Now that she is nearing the end of her trip, she is trying to make the most of her time with him. Unfortunately, it goes awry but how so? Read on for more details.

Match Me Abroad: Stanika Clashes With Her Date’s Family

Stanika is in her early thirties but has never been on a date or had a boyfriend before. So, she is on Match Me Abroad, attached to 90 Day Fiance, so that she can head to Morocco and meet the man of her dreams. She has enlisted the help of a matchmaker, Nina, who understands both cultures. Nina initially set Stanika up with Noureddine and they had an amazing connection. Unfortunately, he was going away for a short time and Nina wanted her to keep experiencing more men.

Stanika Banks/YouTube

The second man was rude and they could not communicate at all. This was when Stanika put her foot down on Match Me Abroad. She told Nina that she wanted Noureddine and that was that. They had been texting and really liked each other. He came back and told her that his mom wanted to meet her. They got together and bought fabric so that they could gift it to his mother. On Sunday, July 9th’s episode, Stanika finally meets his family but it does not go as planned.

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According to Distractify, Stanika goes to a seated dinner at Noureddine’s home. She tries her hardest and even dresses appropriately but it is not easy. Stanika shares this privately: “I could smell that nasty milk across the room. This is not like the milk that I’ve had in America. I can’t hide it. I cannot hide that I don’t like the milk, and I hope Noureddine isn’t upset.” She adds: “I don’t want spoiled milk to be the reason that our relationship ends before it even gets started.”

What Happens Next?

Does this end the Match Me Abroad romance? It is clear what will happen but Stanika’s time in Morocco is coming to an end. Per her social media, she has changed her look dramatically since filming ended. Stanika now has short green hair and is really feeling herself. Maybe this social experiment helped her see what she wanted in a man and now she is comfortable dating the locals. Or, she and Noureddine are having a long-distance romance.

Do you think the milk has soured their love? Let us know your thoughts and watch Match Me Abroad Sundays on TLC.

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