‘Match Me Abroad’: Mark Scafidi Exposes TLC Ridiculous Edits

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Match Me Abroad star Mark Scafidi has done a questionable act in the latest episode, which he may have regretted. Things were going smoothly between him and Houda before things went south. But it seems that the 44-year-old man has a different opinion on how he’s portrayed in the show. Recently, he went off on the production team on a livestream.

Match Me Abroad: Who Is Mark Scafidi?

Mark has done a lot of things before he was on the reality show Match Me Abroad. He was born in Chicago, but for a long time, he has lived in Los Angeles, California. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University and a Master’s degree from The University of Akron.

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According to reports, the reality TV personality once worked as a Production Assistant at EPSN in 2001 and later shifted to being a sports broadcaster. Scarfidi has been single for so long. Due to this, he decided to try his luck finding his significant other in Morocco. He met matchmaker, Nina, which gave him the opportunity to date 26-year-old Houda. However, he wasn’t expecting the sudden change of culture in the country, especially when it comes to dating laws, which puts him to a big test.

Mark Goes Off On Flim Crew

Match Me Abroad fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Mark’s recent livestream. The TLC star went off on the film crew about how “ridiculous” the edits were. He claimed Nina made a storyline for him to follow, and most of his scenes were made up. He also added that he and the matchmaker spent three days working out the story. Furthermore, he revealed Houda is now a DJ. “But they edited out his true backstory and he didn’t know it until it aired. He said it made the whole thing ridiculous,” the poster added.

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Things didn’t end well between Scafidi and his partner in the latest episode. He was given an ultimatum if he was going to date another woman or he’d focus on the Morrocan native. However, he was ghosted by the time he made up a decision, and ended up getting emotional with his matchmaker.

Match Me Abroad: Matchmaker Nina’s Streak Ended?

Nina has said in one of her previews that she has yet to fail when it comes to matchmaking couples. However, Mark and Houda may have left a big mark on her record. There’s still one episode left in Match Me Abroad. But Scafidi has already posted a goodbye message on Instagram saying that episode 12 was his last episode on the show. Nevertheless, some fans hope that he will soon find his true love behind the cameras.

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