‘Match Me Abroad’ Stanika Banks Gives ‘90 Day’ Update

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Match Me Abroad fan favorite Stanika Banks is talking about her future with Noureddine and 90 Day Fiance. She left Morocco with her first boyfriend and was very optimistic. It looked like she was making plans for her future and things looked quite rosy. So, where does Stanika stand today? Read on for more details.

Match Me Abroad Stanika Banks Gives 90 Day Update

When Stanika Banks first appeared on Match Me Abroad, she entrusted Nina to find her forever love. Banks had never dated but she was ready and decided to head to Morocco. There, Nina would be her matchmaker and hopefully find her the right person to spend her life with. The first man she went on a date with was Noureddine who was fabulous. They clicked so well and even though he had to leave for work, they communicated all of the time. She did continue to let Nina give her matches but she knew she had found the one. Even Noureddine’s family loved her and as she was getting ready to head back to America, they became an item.

Stanika Banks/YouTube
Stanika Banks-YouTube

So, what is going on with Stanika Banks now that the show is officially over? She took to Facebook to share an update. First off, do not ever expect to see her on 90 Day Fiance. She did say she was open to moving to Morocco but no matter what happens, it’s a hard no. “Just to clarify, you won’t catch me on any 90-day shows, even if the opportunity comes knocking,” Banks wrote. She did thank everyone who has supported her along the way.


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As for where she stands with Noureddine, she did say that she wants to go back to Morocco but hinted that she does need the funds to get there. Then, Stanika Banks added ways that her followers can help to make her dream a reality. Finally, she had this to say: “While my presence won’t grace your TV screens, rest assure I’ll be tuned in with my DVR set for all my favorite shows.” So, it seems that there won’t be a Season 2 for Stanika.

Fans Love Stanika

It seems that Match Me Abroad fans really did love Stanika Banks and Harold Davis. Sadly, Harold left not getting exactly what he wanted from his match but with more confidence than he had before. He was unique as he had autism and struggled with social cues. Yet, he found someone who appreciated that all the same. As for Stanika, her relationship would be great on 90 Day Fiance but if that is not what she wants, it’s understandable.

Would you like to see Stanika on television again or are you happy with whatever decision she makes? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. With the recent earthquakes in Morocco, I am concerned about Noureddine and his family. Has there been contact ensuring that they are all safe?

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