Did ‘Unexpected’ Alum Hailey 1 Confirm Secret Wedding?

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Did Unexpected alum Hailey Tomlinson aka Hailey 1 just confirm that she secretly tied the knot? She has been with her boyfriend, Darren Amos for some time now. Therefore, if she were to get married, it would not be that shocking. So, did they wed or is there more to the story? Read on for more details.

Did Unexpected Alum Hailey 1 Confirm Secret Wedding?

When Hailey Tomlinson got pregnant as a teenager on Unexpected, she was with Matthew Blevins. He was incredibly unfaithful though she did not know. In fact, he was texting and flirting with her best friend, Hailey Tilford (Hailey 2) behind her back. Eventually, he ended up with Hailey 2 as Hailey 1 gave birth to their daughter, Kinsley. In a twist, by the time they filmed the tell-all, Matthew had gotten Hailey 2 pregnant, as well and they had a baby boy. In the long run, the two Haileys were able to bond over the fact that they had a deadbeat for a baby daddy.

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Both Haileys did not return to Unexpected but Hailey 1 did end up moving on with a new man, Darren Amos. They had a great courtship and what was even better, he loved Kinsley. He treated her like she was his very own and that was extremely special. Sadly, they ended up parting ways for a short time but reconnected and have been happily together since. Now, a clue on one of her posts has fans questioning if Hailey 1 and Darren got married. According to a Reddit thread, the OP noticed that he referred to as his “wife.”

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Darren, Hailey-Instagram

She shared a selfie on Instagram and he wrote: “My gorgeous wife❤️🔥.” This led to questions but fellow Redditors soon chimed in. One wrote: “A lot of the time these people just call each other “wife” or “wifey” without being married but I could be wrong.” Another added: “No it’s just something teens do. It baffles me as to why because it’s so cringe.” This seemed to be a common theme and several Redditors felt it was ridiculous of them to do.

What Does The Future Hold?

It is unclear what will happen in the future with the former Unexpected star and Darren Amos. However, they seem very happy and Hailey 1 just posted a tribute to him. It was his 20th birthday and she called him the “love of my life.” More so, she posted a snap of Darren and Kinsley celebrating the 4th of July together. It seems promising but they are still young so as long as they are enjoying their lives, that is all that matters.

Do you think that they are secretly married or are just using cute nicknames? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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