‘Unexpected’ 2022 Update: Where Is Hailey (One) Tomlinson Now?


Watching Unexpected, viewers can’t help but want a 2022 update on past cast members such as Hailey Tomlinson. Eventually referred to as Hailey One, the former teen mother only made it through Season 3. After that, fans relied on social media for proper updates. So, whatever happened to Hailey once she departed the series? A lot.

Entering Hailey Tomlinson’s World

The teenager joined the hit TLC reality series for its third season. She was in a relationship with Matthew Blevins and was extremely lucky. Hailey had tremendous support from her parents who welcomed Matt into the family with open arms. Unfortunately, he was about to show his very shady side. The father of their unborn baby girl began texting Hailey’s best friend, interestingly enough also named Hailey. Hailey “Two” Tilford reciprocated his flirtatious advances despite her best friend awaiting the birth of her first child. In a crazy twist, Matthew decided to switch Haileys up and start dating Hailey Two, per Screen Rant.


When it was time for the tell-all, they all reunited yet Matthew was a little out of sorts and rude. Then he dropped a bomb no one saw coming. He and Hailey Two were expecting their first child together. As fate would have it, Matt ended up ditching his responsibilities with his new baby mama. This helped reconnect the two Haileys as they now had a new commonality. Luckily, Hailey One was able to rebound and find true love with a new man named Darren. He had been a blessing, not only for the single mother but for her daughter, Kinsley. She started celebrating what an amazing man he was on social media. So, has that love continued on?

Unexpected 2022 Update: Where Is Hailey (One) Tomlinson Now?

Now in Season 5, some time has gone by. This has left fans clamoring for updates on past cast members. Though she appeared extremely happy with Darren, has that love survived? According to Hailey’s Instagram, the two are still going strong. His social media echoes the same sentiments. He puts Kinsley up on a pedestal whereas Hailey refers to him as her father. Recently, she shared a compilation video of her and Darren’s relationship on TikTok. 

She shared how they have been together since she was seventeen. In it, she posted a collage of memories as well as a bunch of things he likes/loves including her. It seems they are extremely happy and devoted to one another. This is exactly what she needed after being publicly betrayed on television by her boyfriend and best friend. Looks like, after all that she went through, she finally got her happy ending.

Are you happy to see where Hailey One ended up? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


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