‘Unexpected’ On TLC: Critics Bash Hailey Tomlinson Over Wrong Car Seat

Unexpected on TLC Hailey Tomlinson Daughter Kinsely

Unexpected on TLC featured Hailey Tomlinson and Matthew Bevins. They had a little girl named Kinsley. Of course, TLC fans know that never worked out. As you probably know, he made off with her friend Hailey Tilford and produced another kid named Levi Carter. Kinsley apparently barely sees her dad, and these days, it’s not clear if he keeps up with Levi either. Now fans bashed at Hailey for not providing the right car seats for Kinsley. Actually, for some reason, although she was the wronged party in the triangle, Hailey attracts a lot of critics.

Unexpected on TLC Hailey Tomlinson gets bashed a lot

We reported that at one stage, Kinsley’s mommy changed her Instagram account just for friends and family. That came as she received so much negativity from TLC critics. It just seems very strange to her loyal fans that she picks up negativity. After all, Matthew cheated on her first. Plus, she raises a gorgeous little girl who looks healthy and happy. Additionally, for much of the time, Matthew never stepped up as a father. She brought less ugly drama to the show than many of the other cast members.

‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tomlinson Opens New Instagram Because Of Too Much Negativity


Perhaps fans of Unexpected on TLC just hated that she let Matthew walk all over her without putting up much of a fight. Additionally, it seemed that at one stage she still remained intimate with Matthew.

Nowadays, she moved on and found herself a new boyfriend named Darren. Actually, the couple looks quite close and she seems in love with him. In January this year, she updated her fans on her job. She works at an assisted living facility and went back to school. Fortunately, her mom helps out with babysitting and Hailey Tomlinson pays her way for that.  Nevertheless, critics scour her posts and now they found something they could complain about.

Fans think that Kinsley’s too young for her car seat

Fans of Unexpected on TLC saw post by Hailey that was shared by @tlcunexpected on Instagram. The photo revealed her daughter sitting in a seat. The cute kid held her shoes in her hand. It looked like the car wasn’t going anywhere and as the belt wasn’t buckled yet, maybe her mom just got in the car. Anyway, one person noticed the car seat. They commented, “Isn’t she only two? I’m not a car seat crazy by any means. that 2/3 is pretty young to just be in a high back booster.” That kicked off the conversation.

Unexpected critics discussed the TLC star’s choice of seat. Another one wrote, “she is wayyyy to young to be in this car seat,” That came after one fan opined, “That’s not a 5-point harness car seat. It’s a high back booster seat that only uses the cars belt and she’s way to young for that seat,”

This comment also arrived: “it is buckled the belt is just behind her back 🥺 which further proves this child is not ready for a seatbelt. Until they can sit in it properly at ALL times.”

Unexpected On TLC Critics Bash Hailey Tomlinson Over Wrong Car Seat
Credit; Hailey Tomlinson via TLC Unexpected | Instagram

What are your thoughts about the car seat that Hailey Tomlinson from Unexpected on TLC uses? Do you think she’s way too young for it? Sound off in the comments below.

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